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Jon Kenfield

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Melbourne, across Australia, and internationally.
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About my services

Effective Dispute Resolution: Arbitrator, Accounting Expert, Mediator.  Full range of dispute resolution services, tailored to needs, delivered in a practical, businesslike style. 

I've managed several thousand private facilitation and mediation processes over the last 30+ years, plus a substantial number of expert determinations and arbitrations, across a very broad range of dispute types - from very small to very large.

Experience and qualifications

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Other ADR Experience

I have a lot of experience dealing with family business disputes and am currently the only fully qualified mediator in Australia working in this space. 

Cases Handled

Over 100 appointments to act as an arbitrator or expert decision maker in commercial matters, with a major focus on goodwill and business valuations and quantification of loss.

Well over 2,000 appointments to act as a mediator, conciliator or facilitator in a wide range of disputes, from workplace and matrimonial matters to partnership, shareholder and commercial disputes.

I've spent thousands of hours facilitating formal and informal meetings and managing difficult conversations - especially amongst families in business, separating couples, and deceased estates.


Too many to list individually. They mainly deal with practical forms of commercial dispute resolution and the use of advanced problem solving skills in complex situations. Author of "The Solutionist Guide to Family Business" (350 pages) - the leading Australian text on Family Business Best Practice.


Jon Kenfield LL.B CA FRI (arb + med) FFBI MBO.

Contact:  m: (+61) 0414 816 789;  e: jonk@solutionist.com.au  w: www.solutionist.com.au

Current Occupation: Solutionist, Arbitrator, Mediator and Facilitator – for all forms of challenging situation, from awkward conversations to highly complex disputes. Conflict management systems design and training. 

Education and Qualifications 1975 LL.B (Hons), Manchester University, UK. 1982 Chartered Accountant (UK); 1987 Chartered Accountant (Australia) 1987 Grade 3 Arbitrator; 2002 Grade 2 Arbitrator; 2004 Grade 1 Arbitrator (IAMA - the Institute of Arbitrators & Mediators Australia). 1988 Accredited Mediator (IAMA). 1992 Advanced Mediator (LEADR – Association of Dispute Resolvers). 2012 Accredited Mediator (NMAS - National Mediator Accreditation Scheme, Australia). 2008 Accredited Family Business Adviser (FBA).  2016 Accredited Family Business Adviser (Family Business Institute). 2021 Accredited Expert Determiner (Resolution Institute). 

Other Professional Experience (forensic accountant) • Partner, Spencer & Co: forensic accounting and dispute resolution. • Principal, Ernst & Young: forensic accounting (major civil litigation). • Director, Deloitte: forensic accounting (major civil litigation and fraud).

Dispute Resolution Experience:  Lots!  Practising since 1988.  

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