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Glyn Conlon

keystone interaction skills

sydneys northern beaches
About my services

Navigating conflict is an important skill. When things get out of hand, we’re left with stress, anxiety and guilt – and the feeling of always being ‘on guard’.

With that often comes sleepless nights, lost confidence, arguments with bosses or partners, reduced appetite, headaches, being distracted or performing poorly at work, unhealthy coping mechanisms and weight gain.

You deserve peace

I use a simple, learnable and powerfully life-changing communication model that you can call on at any time – in business, with family or friends.

Together with Non-Violent Communication (NVC) and mediation, this combination bridges the missing link in the relationship puzzle and allows people to come to agreements and often have compassion and understanding for each other.

With this technique, I have uplifted my mindset and empowered clients to overcome hurdles in business relationships, communication dilemmas between new parents, raising teenagers and avoiding, or managing, divorce.

Experience and qualifications

certified trainer with the centre for nonviolent communication

cert IV workplace and assessment training

mediation accreditation

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