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Nina Ananidis


Melbourne metropolitan and the whole of Victoria
About my services

Nina Ananidis is a management and mediation consultant with over 30 years’ experience working in the government, community and private sectors.  Nina specialises in dealing with workplace matters such as team building, workplace conflict and development of interpersonal relationships, multi-cultural environments, Equal Employment Opportunity and Anti-Discrimination matters.  Nina has also assisted the Tertiary Education Sector when serious issues arise between students and the Tertiary Institution and / or their staff.  Nina is a qualified and experienced manager, investigator and mediator with  years of staff management experience.

Having worked as a senior officer with the Equal Opportunity Commission for four years, Nina is well versed with Victorian and Federal anti-discrimination legislation.  Nina has well developed investigation, conciliation and mediation skills together with the broadest exposure to the various industries that include manufacturing, education and training, tourism and hospitality, public sector, local government and the community sector.

With years of experience as a manager, Nina has been responsible for the management of staff from diverse professional and trade backgrounds, which include plumbers, electricians, security staff, social workers, lawyers, industrial officers and community workers.

Additional information about my background and experience can be obtained by visiting the WorkMatters website www.workmatters.net.au


Experience and qualifications

Over 25 years experience

Masters in Workplace and Industrial Relations 
Accredited in Team Management Systems 
Graduate Certificate in General Management 
Graduate Diploma in Community Development 
Bachelor of Arts

National accreditation


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