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Gregory Burton SC FCIArb FRI
Sydney experienced senior counsel

Experienced  Senior Counsel, mediator, arbitrator, expert determiner. auDA domain name dispute determiner.

Advocacy (trial and appellate) and specialist advice, conducting and appearing in mediations and arbitrations, auDA domain name dispute determiner (chair of 3-member panels and single-member panel), expert determiner.

Accredited/registered with statutory and private panels including NMAS, Resolution Institute Advanced Mediators Panel, Australian Disputes Centre, ACICA, CIArb, Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration.

Practice and dispute resolution areas: commercial and corporate, finance and securities, insolvency, insurance, equity, trusts, property (including IP and IT), competition law, succession, administrative law, associations and organisations, charities, employment law, contracts, torts and negligence, professional liability; personal injury (for mediations and arbitrations).

Barbara Kwiecien

Geologist Tenement Land Manager Mediation and Negotiation on land access

Clive Sefton
Tat Lim
Alan Ogg

Mediator for 19 years with over 1600 mediations conducted. Member of LEADR's Advanced Panel and an FDRP. Mediation trainer & coach in 80+ basic & advanced training workshops within Australia and SE-Asia. Experienced Care & Protection mediator. Cross-cultural expertise.

Claire Bibby

Claire is a nationally accredited mediator and qualified arbitrator, after having worked as a litigator for top-tier law firms.  She has advocated for clients in the Magistrates Court, District Court, Supreme Court and High Court of Australia and has now focussed her sights on assisting parties to use alternative dispute resolution methods via mediation as a better way to resolve disagreements.

If you are looking for a skilled mediator to help you to resolve a dispute in a sensible and cost-effective manner, and often with a better end result than with going to court, feel free to contact Claire.

A qualified solicitor with over 25 years experience and success at the forefront of the corporate sector, with ASX, multinational and private enterprise, Claire is highly respected by her professional colleagues and clients for her expert advice spanning corporate, commercial, property, insurance, financial services, fund management, finance, intellectual property, industrial relations and general business law.

Claire is also a member of the NSW Law Society Mediators Panel.

Michael JF Sweeney

Arbitration specialist in gas, energy, resources disputes; commercial and contract law; domain name disputes; competition law access disputes for pipelines and telecos; partnership disputes; sports law arbitration. Experience includes arbitration and mediation of complex multi party joint venture disputes between international corporations and domestic disputes.  

Fellow Chartered Institute if Arbitrators & Chartered Arbitrator; Panel Member, WIPO Arbitration Centre; Fellow ACICA Arbitration and Mediation panels; Fellow Kuala Lumpur Arbitration Centre; American Arbitration Association; Shenzen, China Arbirtation Panel; Energy Review Board, Western Australia. 

Michael is a skilled practitioner who had heard and determined many hundreds of commercial and contractual disputes. He also has deep experience in mediated outcomes both at the corporate level and at the private company and partnership levels.   

Michael Stoddart
Michelle Zelig
east st kilda, caulfield, Bondi Junction

As a qualified Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (Family mediator), Michelle believes in resolution without litigation.

She is passionate about helping clients resolve their disputes without the need for costly litigation, in the best interests of children.

She specialises in parenting and property mediation, S60(i) certificates, blended families,

With Michelle's extensive corporate experience, she is well placed to conduct workplace mediations


Nina Ananidis

Nina Ananidis is a management and mediation consultant with over 30 years’ experience working in the government, community and private sectors.  Nina specialises in dealing with workplace matters such as team building, workplace conflict and development of interpersonal relationships, multi-cultural environments, Equal Employment Opportunity and Anti-Discrimination matters.  Nina has also assisted the Tertiary Education Sector when serious issues arise between students and the Tertiary Institution and / or their staff.  Nina is a qualified and experienced manager, investigator and mediator with  years of staff management experience.

Having worked as a senior officer with the Equal Opportunity Commission for four years, Nina is well versed with Victorian and Federal anti-discrimination legislation.  Nina has well developed investigation, conciliation and mediation skills together with the broadest exposure to the various industries that include manufacturing, education and training, tourism and hospitality, public sector, local government and the community sector.

With years of experience as a manager, Nina has been responsible for the management of staff from diverse professional and trade backgrounds, which include plumbers, electricians, security staff, social workers, lawyers, industrial officers and community workers.

Additional information about my background and experience can be obtained by visiting the WorkMatters website www.workmatters.net.au


Len Watt
Eastern States

Experienced Building Industry member and Legal Practitioner

After spending 25 years in the building industry, I completed a law degree and now work as a building and construction lawyer. During my career in the building industry, I held various positions from an apprentice carpenter to working on multi-story high rise residential buildings as a project manager.

My vast experience in the building industry allows me to understand the building industry and the people who work in it. 

My experience as both a long term member of the building and construction industries and the legal profession, ideally places me to assist you with your ADR matter. 

debbie Sonin
The Hon. Dr Clyde Croft AM SC

As an Independent Arbitrator and Mediator, Dr Croft has over 30 years experience in International and Australian arbitration and mediation as an Arbitrator, Mediator, Expert Determiner, Barrister, Senior Counsel, Supreme Court Judge and in policy advising in all aspects of international and domestic dispute resolution to governments and public and private organisations in Australia and elsewhere.

Stuart Roberts

My experience as a Federal Circuit Court Judge for more than 15 years taught me very clearly that disputes are better resolved out of Court.

Mark Lawrence
Val Sinclair
Sydney NSW

Val Sinclair has been a mediator, facilitator, trainer and coach of dispute resolution skills for over 27 years. She is a dispute resolution specialist and provides mediation for family, workplace, financial and commercial disputes. She has extensive experience in designing and delivering dispute resolution training for numerous organisations and government departments.

Roman Krumins

Construction Management, Project Management, Operations Management, Business Consulting, Alternative Dispute Resolution Industries: Government, Manufacturing, Transport, Construction, Minerals Processing, Food Processing

Carol Bowen
Newcastle Region

Interpersonal conflict; dispute resolution; negotiation skills; training and bespoke  options are all part of Carol's repertoire. Carol is a passionate people person and has spent many years helping people to style their communication in a way that works best to negotiate highly improved outcomes around workplace conflict.  Carol works with managers; teams and individuals to design and facilitate a best practice approach to interpersonal conflict. Carol's experience and knowledge facilitating bespoke conflict resolution workshops are highly regarded and sought out. Carol assists her clients by putting the spotlight on prevention and early intervention in her tailored training offerings.




Karen Wise
Toby Boys

Toby specialises in Commercial Dispute Resolution and has experience as both a lawyer and mediator in a wide range of areas including contract and commercial, property, intellectual property, trade practices, corporate, insolvency, franchising and construction.

Patricia Dai Wei Wang
Raj Chidambara

Professional Engineer and Arbitrator

Robert Hunt

1965 - 1967 N.S.W. Public Works Department - Cadet Engineer. 1968 - 1980 Various supervisory and management positions in the construction industry in NSW, ACT and Queensland, ranging from Foreman to Managing Director. 1980 - 1983 Building Consultancy / Paralegal 1983 to date Professional practice as a barrister in New South Wales, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, Western Australia and Northern Territory of Australia, in building, engineering design and construction, marine engineering, professional liability, property damage, intellectual property and general commercial and contractual disputes ranging in value up to approx Aus$100 million. 1985 to date Arbitrator, Court-appointed Referee, Expert Determiner/Appraiser, Mediator or Adjudicator in various building, engineering, shipbuilding, intellectual property and commercial disputes in Australasia and Asia, ranging in value up to approx. Aus$75 million. 2000 - 2002 IAMA National President 1999 - 2004 IAMA National Executive 1997 - 2005 IAMA National Council, including Chairman of the Education & Professional Development Committee from 2000 to 2003, Chairman of the Journal Committee from 2000 to 2005, and Member of the Practice Notes Rules & By-laws Committee (to 2003) and the Professional Affairs Committee 1999 - 2005 Director - Australian Centre for International Commercial Arbitration Ltd Robert Hunt is a Grade 1 Arbitrator and accredited as a Mediator and Adjudicator by IAMA. He is also a Chartered Arbitrator on the London Panel of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and a member of numerous other dispute resolution panels in Australia and overseas. He has been particularly active in promoting prompt and cost-effective resolution of technical and commercial disputes, and has spoken on this topic at various Conferences in Australia and overseas. He drafted the IAMA Rules for the Conduct of Commercial Arbitrations (incorporating the Expedited Arbitration Rules) 1999, the IAMA Expert Determination Rules 2001, the IAMA Mediation and Conciliation Rules 2001, the IAMA Industry and Consumer Scheme Rules 2001 and the IAMA / Australian Seed Federation Dispute Resolution Scheme (for the Domestic Trade in Seed for Sowing Purposes and for the Management of Intellectual Property) 2005. In addition to writing various IAMA Practice Notes, he is the author of 'Establishing the Basis for Arbitration and ADR' and 'The Trade Practices Act and Associated Legislation" chapters in 'A Guide to Arbitration Practice in Australia' (University of Adelaide), as well as a number of published articles on dispute resolution and dispute avoidance in various professional journals in Australia and overseas. His areas of Dispute Resolution Practice Expertise are as follows: Agricultural business / Products / Livestock Construction - Major Commercial and Industrial Construction - Design / Architecture / Documentation Construction - Civil Engineering and Mining Business to Business Sales / Contracts / Performance Insurance / Actuarial / Loss Adjustment Intellectual Property / Brands / Trademarks Legal Services Maritime Industry Mining Industry

Peter Megens

Experienced domestic and international arbitration practitioner specialising in construction and real estate, transport, energy mining and natural resources transport and insurance. Has practised extensively in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region wide variety of disputes and in particular construction and infrastructure projects, mining and energy projects and the like.

Mark Dickinson

Mark is a skilled and experienced mediator practising in family, workplace and civil disputes.

He has a background as a litigation lawyer, working for 15 years in the areas of family, civil, criminal and legal costs before focussing on mediation. His professional focus since 2011 has been mediation and conciliation.

He is accredited under the National Mediator Accreditation System (2011) and with the Attorney General as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (2012). His post-graduate qualifications include a Master of Dispute Resolution (Hons), Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution and a Bachelor of Arts with Professional Honours (Human Services Practice).

Mark is a panel mediator with the Magistrates Court of Tasmania and a former senior practitioner of family dispute resolution with Relationships Australia (Tas). 

Jodie Grant

My purpose - to support individuals, families, people, their organisations and communities to navigate their changing relationships in their worlds.

We live in a world that is ever changing and too often, people struggle to cope with this change. I help you get out of unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaviours to find new ways to have different conversations with others; by helping you walk towards a new purpose, where you take personal control on the choices you make with the challenges of life.

My services
Relationships are a fundamental reference point, anchoring us in, and to, our lives. Through our personal and professional relationships, we find meaning, purpose, joy and connection. I help you to understand the shifting sands in relationships.

The key to my success is my proficiency in conflict resolution and facilitative negotiation techniques. Using a dual lens of highly specialised clinical expertise and experience, and excellence in professional and personal development and growth, my specialty services and consultancy include:
• Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) and Mediation
• Restorative Justice/ Restorative Engagement Conferences
• Group Facilitation
• FDR Clinical Supervision (individual and group)
• Conflict Coaching
• Training, Education and Development including:

  • Conflict resolution /ADR processes (FDR and Mediation)
  • Working with challenging behaviours
  • Critical Reflective Practice
  • Team building
  • Ethics in Family Dispute Resolution
  • Restorative practices in FDR

- Training offerings are tailored to individual requirements 

Christa  Ludlow

Christa Ludlow has 19 years experience as a solicitor and is an accredited mediator under the NMAS. She possesses expertise in employment law, discrimination, industrial relations, organisational change, performance management, misconduct and grievance investigations, administrative law, and work health and safety. She brings legal knowledge and foresight to disputes and workplace issues.

Christa is recognised for her wide public sector knowledge, responsiveness, ethical awareness and adherence to best practice.

Craig Walsh

40 years' experience in construction industry, both building and engineering construction, including over 20 years of employment by contractors as a Project Engineer, Project Manager, Contracts Administrator, Contracts Manager and Commercial Manager. Claims formulation, assessment and negotiation, including exposure to all forms of dispute resolution processes. 20 years’ experience consulting on construction-related issues. Preparation of Expert Reports and giving Expert Evidence in formal proceedings. Contract Review and negotiation, project risk assessment, preparation of commercial strategies for the delivery and recovery of projects. Project auditing and financial reporting. Development, review and auditing of contract administration procedures. Preparation of training courses and conducting training on contract administration.

Rosalind Bolitho
Ashley Zhuo
Services offered across regional SA and online

Flexible dispute resolution and mediation solutions provided by Accredited Mediators through Centacare Catholic Country SA.

Please contact us to explore Mediation options and prices tailored to your needs

Mediation and Resolution Services

Centacare's Mediation and Resolution Service offers a suite of flexible dispute resolution services through facilitating voluntary, confidential discussion between the relevant people about the issues in dispute, managed by an independent mediator.

Services are tailored to your business or organisation's needs

Offering holistic wrap-around Employee Assistance Services alongside Mediation and Dispute Resolution services to assist with managing workplace conflict

We use technology capabilities to make the service more accessible, flexible and responsive

Our Mediators can facilitate video meetings to bring the service to you across regional and remote South Australia

Employee Counselling

We offer a comprehensive Employee Assistance Program which provides counselling to address the needs of organisations and their employees through a comprehensive range of services. At the core of which is short-term, professional counselling using evidence-based psychological interventions.

Counselling intervention is designed to identify and assist employees in resolving both work and personal issues at onset to prevent issues that may be adversely affecting employee performance and wellbeing.

Areas may include, but are not limited to:

  • Personal issues
  • Relationship issues
  • Work/personal stress
  • Interpersonal conflict
  • Working relationships
  • Substance abuse
  • Gambling
  • Grief and Loss
  • Trauma
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Financial problems

Education and Training

We have significant experience and expertise in developing and delivering tailored training and workshop packages. These are designed to assist organisations to promote understanding of workplace issues, and to assist managers and employees to develop practical skills and strategies to deal with workplace issues and situations.

Strategic Solutions to Workplace Conflict

Employee Assistance Program offers its organisations strategic solutions to workplace conflict through consultancy and coaching, including:

  • Mediation and dispute resolution 
  • Consultancy to design conflict management strategies, policies and procedures
  • Programs to develop knowledge and skills for managers to enable them to prevent and deal with situations which have the potential to develop into conflict
  • Coaching, where a coach works individually with a client to determine the current situation, set goals for the future, and plan ways to meet these goals. 
Michael Chilcott
Keta Roseby
Mick Batskos
Douja Elhajj
Perth south separation divorce
Clare de Bruin
Claire Pirola
Sydney NSW

A holistic, respectful and pragmatic approach to resolving complex conflict in the workplace and community underpins my approach to dispute resolution for clients. I bring a lengthy experience in complaint management, and dispute resolution, having worked with both government and not for profit sectors across a range of areas including social welfare, policing, legal and education.  This includes extensive experience working with numerous community and faith based organisations over the past 21 years.  I am appreciative of the impact on service delivery, and the emotional and financial costs, to both individuals and organisations when early indicators of workplace conflict and complaints are not adequately resolved.  I work closely with our clients to provide a suitably tailored process to resolve conflict, and committed to delivering a service that further enables leadership  to build capacity for its organisational vision. I am a nationally accredited mediator, NSW lawyer and Partner in a law firm that provides multidisciplinary services, and passionate about finding the common path to bring about resolution of conflict that hinders our clients services or growth. 


Peter Kassapidis
Stuart Carr

Business Advisor, Mentor, Advisor, General Management.

Ruth Beach
Tom O'Sullivan
Mark Addison
Sydney CBD

Having been a commercial litigation for more than 30 years, I specialise in commercial disputes of all varieties. This includes insolvency matters, both personal and corporate, contract and supply disputes, risk management, Work Health & Safety matters (having prosecuted for both WorkSafe NSW and ComCare in the past), shareholder and director disputes and claims under the Corporations Act or Bankruptcy Act.

George Stathopoulos
Marianne Kirvan
Why Not Mediate?

An advocate for the alternative dispute resolution industry and resolving conflict, Marianne is skilled in dispute resolution, communication, and facilitation. 

Marianne draws from professional experience in the legal industry, wellbeing (including family violence), disability & community services assuring a respectful culture and inclusive approach to mediation.

Marianne supports parties to make decisions right for their circumstances, facilitates conversations and provides a safe and confidential environment to resolve conflict inexpensively.

Conflict can be challenging but constructive, so Why Not Mediate? 

Marianne works across family & property, workplace, elder and personal injury disputes and is a member of the Elder Mediation Australasian Network.

Fee Pricing Schedule

Book a Free 15 Minute Consult 

Jane Atkinson Mediation Services
Anthony Spencer
Sydney, Albury / Wodonga

Business, property and family disputes mediated or conciliated.

I am a former small business owner with 25 years practise as a barrister. I have worked for and against banks, finance companies, liquidators and bankruptcy trustees. I have acted in dozens of partnership disputes. Using that experience I can work with the parties to navigate through their differences together and avoid the crippling cost of having them decided by a court.

Matthew Pearce

Refer to my profile under local government, environment and mining. I am a corporate lawyer with exposure to a variety of corporate matters specifically dealing with local government.

Amanda Lye
Based on the Northern Beaches

Her legal knowledge and practical, client-focussed approach allows Amanda to resolve disputes efficiently and effectively. 

Amanda offers skilled mediation, facilitation and training services  Amanda brings a wealth of experience from her previous roles as a litigator and and investigator in the public, private and community sectors. She has practised in the areas of employment and industrial law, administrative law and civil litigation.  

Currently working as a an HR Advisor,  Investigator and Mediator for Allan Hall Business Advisors on Sydney's Northern Beaches, Amanda has broad experience in dealing with workplace and commercial disputes for a range of clients Australia wide.


Paul Lewis
Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane

Mediator and DR advisor in the 'Hard Cases'

  • Family Law and other interpersonal disputes
  • Commercial disputes
  • Community matters

As a NMAS mediator and NSW Law Society Accredited Specialist in Dispute Resolution, I mediate in a broad range of cases or provide advice as a consultant on early and ''late stage'' resolution options in all types of disputes. I can be engaged as an external advisor to a client participating in a mediation process, that is, in addition to the legal representatives that they have engaged.

For example, I may be consulted by a party to assist with the passage of commercial cases before they reach Court or during entrenched litigation. I may be engaged by one of the parties directly involved in a family or commercial dispute or by a third party or other stakeholder affected by a claim or dispute between people or companies who are at odds with each other.

I provide an evaluative model of mediation for the constructive settlement of financial matters under the Family Law Act, 1975. I mediate such cases on the basis of parties attending with their lawyers or attending without their lawyers. Long running or complex matters may benefit from a co-mediation model- I arrange a co-mediator when a co-mediation is desirable.

Mark Seymour
Michael Stewart

Targeted, effective solutions to complex conflicts including investigation, evaluation and report, recommended interventions including counselling, coaching, mentoring, custom-designed workshops, mediation and facilitated meetings.