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Matthew Gillett

Mediation, partnership brokerage, workshop facilitation and consultation specialist.

I provide mediation for individuals, groups and organisations. I am a trained Partnership Broker and skilled in a variety of facilitation techniques including Technology of Participation, and Art of Hosting Conversations.

Dianne Loveday

Family Law specialist mediator with experience in workplace mediation. 

Zamir Yusuf
Vickianne West

Nationally accredited and very experienced Legal Practitioner and Mediator specialising in Family Law and Testamentary disputes. Now undertaking Mediations by Zoom. Mediation rooms available in Adelaide CBD or alternatively at your office in suburbs or country areas.​​​​​​​ 

Ashley Limbury

Private practice as a mediator, trainer, coach & facilitator since 2002. 5 years in commercial Human Resources (a) As Arbitrator/Mediator: 57 hours of commercial mediation - retail leases 22.5 hours of family mediation (b) As a party to an Arbitration/Mediation: Party to a mediation: 10/05/04 - as the Secretary of an Owners Corporation. (c) As a pupil: 42 hours in mediations as a pupil 2. Relevant Professional Experience (see footnote on page 4): Prior to working as an ADR professional I held a number of HR positions within Qantas. I have experience in both corporate and line areas holding roles in Staff Policy, Remuneration and most recently as a human resources generalist within the IT, Purchasing and Property divisions.

Prof. Dr Andrew Christie
Australia | Singapore | Europe

Arbitrator and mediator specialising in IP, IT, franchising and related commercial disputes

In addition to my role as Professor of Intellectual Property at Melbourne Law School, I am an experienced arbitrator and mediator who accepts appointments for the resolution of intellectual property, information technology, franchising and related commercial disputes.

With degrees in science and in law, and admission to legal practice in Australia, England and Wales, I have substantial knowledge and experience across all areas of IP and IT - including copyright, designs, domain names, integrated circuit layouts, patents, plant breeder's rights, software, trademarks and trade secrets.

Engaged in dispute resolution for more two decades, I have received appointments from a range of institutions worldwide, including the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center, the ICC International Centre for ADR, and Resolution Institute.

Ruth Chowdhury
Inaam Tabbaa
Ashley Zhuo
Services offered across regional SA and online

Flexible dispute resolution and mediation solutions provided by Accredited Mediators through Centacare Catholic Country SA.

Please contact us to explore Mediation options and prices tailored to your needs

Mediation and Resolution Services

Centacare's Mediation and Resolution Service offers a suite of flexible dispute resolution services through facilitating voluntary, confidential discussion between the relevant people about the issues in dispute, managed by an independent mediator.

Services are tailored to your business or organisation's needs

Offering holistic wrap-around Employee Assistance Services alongside Mediation and Dispute Resolution services to assist with managing workplace conflict

We use technology capabilities to make the service more accessible, flexible and responsive

Our Mediators can facilitate video meetings to bring the service to you across regional and remote South Australia

Employee Counselling

We offer a comprehensive Employee Assistance Program which provides counselling to address the needs of organisations and their employees through a comprehensive range of services. At the core of which is short-term, professional counselling using evidence-based psychological interventions.

Counselling intervention is designed to identify and assist employees in resolving both work and personal issues at onset to prevent issues that may be adversely affecting employee performance and wellbeing.

Areas may include, but are not limited to:

  • Personal issues
  • Relationship issues
  • Work/personal stress
  • Interpersonal conflict
  • Working relationships
  • Substance abuse
  • Gambling
  • Grief and Loss
  • Trauma
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Financial problems

Education and Training

We have significant experience and expertise in developing and delivering tailored training and workshop packages. These are designed to assist organisations to promote understanding of workplace issues, and to assist managers and employees to develop practical skills and strategies to deal with workplace issues and situations.

Strategic Solutions to Workplace Conflict

Employee Assistance Program offers its organisations strategic solutions to workplace conflict through consultancy and coaching, including:

  • Mediation and dispute resolution 
  • Consultancy to design conflict management strategies, policies and procedures
  • Programs to develop knowledge and skills for managers to enable them to prevent and deal with situations which have the potential to develop into conflict
  • Coaching, where a coach works individually with a client to determine the current situation, set goals for the future, and plan ways to meet these goals. 
Anthony Fox
Gordon Hunte
Sydney and Gold Coast
Marie Therese Kelly
Brisbane, South Brisbane, Gold Coast

MEDE8 Resolutions will help you work through difficult situations with dignity and respect. We hold a strong belief the majority of family law matters are able to be resolved through Family Dispute Resolution with only the most complex matters needing the assistance of the courts.  If we can assist you please do not hesitate to make contact.

Michele Silver
Roland Muller

Nationally accredited mediator and Australian lawyer focussing on personal, commercial and workplace disputes in litigious and non-litigious matters with a particular interest in high conflict personalities.

Nicole Davidson
Capital cities, regional Victoria

Highly experienced in commercial and workplace disputes.

Having settled many commercial disputes in the process of litigation, I realised that many of these could have been resolved many months, and thousands of dollars, earlier if mediation had taken place prior to issuing legal proceedings.  With more and more mandatory pre-litigation mediation in commercial areas such as franchising and retail tenancies, I an advocate for earlier mediation in a wide range of commercial disputes.

I believe that conflict and disputes can be resolved constructively to preserve the longer term relationship.  I also believe that this can be done much more cost effectively than would happen in court.

I bring considerable commercial experience to my mediation practice, having worked previously in the law, investment banking and insolvency.  I aim to get the best solution possible and assist in maintaining on ongoing relationship.

I also offer negotiation consulting services to assist parties in structuring agreements that maximise value and reduce the risk of future conflict.

Justine O'Reilly
Anna Elizabeth van Zyl

Graduate Diploma of FDR CHC8030 2017 Bond University

Alan Wein

I provide an active engagement process of mediation, designed to encourage parties to focus on issues and resolutions that will lead to positive lasting outcomes in commercial litigation, franchising, estates and property and leasing disputes.

Amanda Hickey
South East Queensland
Pam Crumblin

Pamala provides Executive Coaching and Mediation within the corporate environment. Specific areas where mediation has assisted has been around bullying and harassment allegations.

Cheryl Peterson
Tiffany Kelly
P D Popat
Mumbai, India

Bombay High Court empanelled Mediator, doing private as well as court-annexed mediations; an Advanced Mediation Trainer; and experienced in Online Dispute Resolution.

Some of the local mediators' panels in Mumbai where I am empanelled:

 - (1) Association of Mediation Practitioners

 - (2) BCC&I's Centre for Mediation & Conciliation

 - (3) Bombay High Court

 - (4) IMCCC&I's ADR Centre

I occasionally blog local updates at mumbaimediators.com


Joseph M Manner
Brisbane Sydney Adelaide Darwin

Mediator, Arbitrator & Barrister - Queensland, NSW, South Australia & N.T - specialising in Commercial Disputes, Contractual Disputes, Construction Disputes and Mining and Energy Resources Negotiations and Disputes.   


WEBSITE LINK - Joseph Manner, Mediator/Arbitrator/Barrister

Jeffrey Choy
Noelene Salmon

I provide mediation, facilitation and conflict management.

I specialise in Workplace Relations, General and Personal Conflict

Ian Townson

Construction/Architecture/Engineering 20 Years in Building & Civil Construction Engineer Construction Disputes; Project Management� Quality Management. 10 Years specialization in Construction Programming and Forensic Analysis of Construction Claims

Tracey Wheat
Pilbara, Western Australia

Experienced Indigenous, Domestic Violence and Restorative Justice Mediation Practitioner.  With a background in business management, Workplace Dispute Resolution is now offered also.  Accredited Family Dispute Resolution services available in person for the Pilbara and Kimberley regions.  Please feel free to discuss any other areas not listed.

With current and ongoing professional development, Conflict Coaching will be available in the future.  

Based in the Pilbara of Western Australia with services available in all regional and remote locations.  


Peter Hanson
Victoria, Riverina and Western NSW

Specialist in Family & Property Mediation. Conflict Coaching, Parenting Plans and Parenting Coordination. 

Michelle Scobie

I am a Partner with Integroe Partners, a multidisciplinary legal practice that has a specialist focus on workplace solutions.

We provide a range of bespoke alternative dispute resolution options tailored to meet the needs of the parties and the context in which the issues have occurred. 

Integroe Partners also provides a variety of other workplace solutions including investigations, employment relations advice, strategic planning and reviews and leadership training and development, 

Tanya Wilson
Victoria - Melbourne & Regional Vic
Graham Rabe


  • 1990 - 2014 - Francis Burt Chambers
  • 2015 - present - Legal practitioner practising principally as barrister 

Commercial Litigation Consultant

  • 2015 - present

NMAS Accredited Mediator

Web Site 


Jasmin Newman
Alison Morrow
Joy Humphreys
Martin De Los Rios La Rosa
Raja Sharma
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Online, Telephone and Face to Face Mediation Services are now available.

With RS Mediation, all services are now available via online channels through either your computer, iPad, tablet or mobile phone. All your mediation and dispute resolution services can be delivered to you in the privacy and comfort of your home, your workplace or any place of your choosing. Mediation is also offered face to face through traditional means. I am quite experienced in delivering dispute resolution through video and voice channels, achieving desired outcomes. All services are of the highest professional standard, best in class while maintaining confidentiality.

Dianne Gillis
Jeff Hescott
Sydney - Newcastle - Hunter Valley

Mediator and Dispute Resolution specialist - Government, Private and NGO sectors 

Peter Mathie
Perth Mediation Centre

Creating Space for Agreement is central to what happens at Perth Mediation Centre.  Firmly held but opposing positions can be held in good faith.  Our job is to help participants unlock, discover and share their interests to create options for change and, to negotiate a way forward.





Catherine Williams
Wayville Adelaide Fringe

As an engineer, builder, and consultant in construction dispute management and resolution, I display a range of practical skills and commercial acumen.

Whilst I bring this practical approach to my mediation practice, I am also a naturally empathetic, pragmatic and warm person, and an excellent listener.

I live in Adelaide with my husband, two children and dog, and am passionate about helping people and businesses overcome any variety of conflict and dispute.

I am available to mediate at short notice and can arrange mediations outside of business hours (e.g. on the weekend).

The mediation will take place on Greenhill Road, Wayville, with close access for public transport, and plenty of car parking.

Call me on 0432 055 301

or email catherine@catherine-williams.com


Louise Silburn
  • Team facilitation and conflict resolution
  • Development of collaborative and effective relationships
  • Development of  high performing teams 

Working primarily in the public sector infrastructure sector and with a background in health, social care and the arts, I am passionate about removing the obstacles that impede creative and dynamic team work. I am experienced in facilitating inter organisation (client/contractor) disputes and setting up project teams and project organisations with a culture of collaboration and trust to avoid such disputes occurring.  

Eva  Leszczynska
Geri Ettinger
Donna Cooper
Maureen Fanning

Mediator and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP):  Accredited Mediator under NMAS (National Mediator Accreditation Standards) with Resolution Australia and accredited FDRP with A-G's Department (Cth).  Formerly practised in NSW as Solicitor and Barrister (Admitted to NSW Bar in 2000 and retired as Barrister in 2020).  Acted in Criminal Law (including Domestic Violence and Mental Health matters) and Family Law (including in Conciliation and Evaluative Property Mediations).  Now practising solely in mediations.  



Rhonda Whitfield
Dr Christina Turner
Brisbane and surrounds

Dr Christina Turner

A human resource management professional, I am experienced in workplace dispute resolution, investigation, conflict coaching & mediation. I specialise in assisting individuals, teams, and organisations to conduct meaningful conversations to achieve goals in the workplace.To achieve this, I provide specialist services in executive, business and conflict coaching, mediation, group facilitation and team building, conflict diagnosis, and expert determination (workplace investigation). 

www.christinaturner.com.au     www.workplaceinvestigations.com.au 

David Simpson
Canberra, Sydney

Workplace dispute resolution, mediation facilitation and conflict coaching services.  David and the other Team HR practitioners support individuals to develop the skills and confidence to respond to workplace conflict in a constructive and resilient manner.  Working at the individual, team and organisational levels we provide independent professional conflict coaching, facilitation and mediation across industries and sectors.  Based in Canberra, and delivering services throughout Australia, Team HR is a participant on a range of public sector standing offer panels in dispute resolution, capability development and related services.

Garry McILwaine