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John Muirhead

1950-53 Design of steel structures. 1953-54 Site Engineer in Izmir, Turkey on design and construction of steel and concrete structures. 1954-58 Site Engineer in Mombasa, Kenya on construction of deep water berths, design of formwork, i/c precast yard for 14,880T prestressed beams, erection of precast concrete, design, construct 600T slipway, RC bridge and erection of steel transit shed. 1958-60 Civil, structural design in London, including falsework for major bridges in Cork, Sydney and Hobart. 1960-65 Planning Engineer on construction of Tasman Bridge, Hobart. Design of temporary works, floating plant, scheduling, contractual claims. 1965-70 Construction Warringah Expressway, Sydney, as Construction Manager then Project Manager and Director of Contractor. Preparation of contractual claims. 1971 to date Consulting Engineer responsible for the design and documentation of structures in steel, concrete, masonry and timber including swimming pools, infrastructure works for coal mines,harbour works including dry dock, wharf works, submerged structures; high rise and domestic buildings. Supervision and contract administration as Superintendent. Investigation of claims concerning domestic houses, industrial structures, retaining walls, swimming pools, industrial buildings arising from inadequate structural design, footing instability, earthquake, flood, storm, reactive foundation material and faulty building practice.

Cheryl Thomas

Undertaken a range of workplace mediations involving allegations of bullying and sexual harassment, poor communication, different perceptions of roles and responsibilities and general workplace issues. Also conducted mediations between parents and adolescents on issues such as school attendance, relationships, family rules and communication breakdowns. Cheryl Thomas has combined over twenty years workplace experience with a strong academic and theoretical knowledge of mediation and alternative dispute resolution processes. Specialising in both workplace and family mediations, Cheryl Thomas provides an effective mediation response to people needing assistance to resolve their conflicts.

John Goggins
Building and Construction Disputes

Highly practical expert determination and other formal building and construction dispute resolution from direct and extensive experience at the project delivery level.

Dr Dominic Katter

Dr Dominic Katter is a Barrister at the Queensland Bar, having a commercial and administrative law practice.

Prior to commencing at the Bar in 2001, Dr Katter was the Associate to The Honourable I D F Callinan AC, then of the High Court of Australia and was previously the Research Officer to the Court of Appeal of Queensland.  After articles of clerkship at Corrs Chambers Westgarth Lawyers, he had previously been Admitted as a Solicitor in 1998.

Further to his doctorate in law, he is a graduate of the University of Cambridge and an alumni of the Harvard Business School.  At the University of Cambridge he was awarded the Wakefield Scholarship and received a Bursary from the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust.  Dr Katter is a Fellow of the Cambridge Commonwealth Society and an Honorary Fellow of the Australian Catholic University.

Stephanie Dura
North Sydney
Karene Primrose
Western Australia

Practical, no-nonsense and cost effective - this is what mediation should be about.  As a commercial litigator, partner of Jackson McDonald and Dispute Resolution practice group leader, Karene is acutely aware of the high cost, risk and delay associated with litigating disputes.   As a nationally accredited mediator and conciliator, Karene focusses on parties' genuine commercial interests and strives for an outcome that represents a fair and sensible binding resolution to disputes, avoiding the financial and personal costs that come with litigation. 

Karene has trained as a mediator with LEADR (now Resolution Institute) and Harvard University, Boston US, in advanced mediation. 

She serves as a mediator for a number of organisations such as the Small Business Development Corporation of WA ADR scheme, the Office of the Franchising Mediaton Advisor and the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman's office.  She is also appointed as a senior sessional member of the WA State Administrative Tribunal.  

In addition, Karene has been a member of Resolution Institute since 2003 and has served many terms on the State Chapter committee and is part of the organisation's Professional Development Group. 

Karene has been recognised in Doyle's Guide in successive years as a Leading Mediator in Western Australia.

Susie Whillas

2002 to present Diversity Council Australia Limited: Senior Consultant to the Sydney office responsible to provide for the maintenance and growth of company membership nationally with particular focus on EEO and Diversity program compliance. Specialisation in Organisational Development skills and experience in the corporate sector [across all sectors from manufacturing, mining, legal, finance, Defence]. Providing advice, designing and delivering appropriate workplace interventions - including investigations, reviews, cultural audits, training, mediations and feedback to ensure best practice Diversity management of the workforce. Design and delivery of Diversity, Investigation Management, Contact Officer training programs to all levels of organizations. 2002 Mirima Dawang Woolabgerrring, Kununurra, W.A.: All Community Consultation and committee Liaison for the preparation of Mirima Language and Cultural Centre 5 year Strategic Plan Report 2000 to present Michael Muir & Associates; Secretary small architectural practice designing, contract administration and supervision of the construction of housing and medium scale projects nationally. 1998 Women's Activities and Self Help House, Maria Guppy & Associates.Women's Needs in Mt. Druitt. Designed and managed the consultation with the NESB community, in particular the Pacific Islander women, Aboriginal women, Filipino women, Turkish and South American women and female youth.Department of Housing, Rice Ewald ArchitectsThe redesign of the Bundaleer housing estate in Warrawong, Wollongong. This required a consultation strategy to advise and respond to the needs identified by the Cook Islander, Vietnamese and Turkish communities residing in the estate, and to interface with the Department of Housing and the Architects supervising the project on an ongoing basis.Department of Community ServicesMt Druitt/Bidwell CSGP Youth Services Review. The consultancy required extensive consultation with youth in particular the Aboriginal and NESB youth including both school goers and street frequenting non school going youth to determine their needs and servicing preferences. The development of this needs analysis informed the model recommended for future implementation.Department of Community ServicesReview into youth homelessness in the Bankstown area. The project consulted with some 40 representatives of local services including Aboriginal and NESB specific services to determine issues of accessibility and service needs. 1995 Jewish Care 1994 Campbelltown City CouncilStage 2. Implementation of recommended changes to the management and programming structure of six youth centres.Stage 1. Consultation with the local aboriginal NESB and disability services to determine their perceptions of the six CSGP funded youth centres and their preferences for future operations. Proposed redesign of the service model and management structure. 1994 Department of Community Services NSWUndertake a youth based needs analysis of the Youth Development Officer position with particular emphasis on the Moslem, Arabic speaking and Indo Chinese communities in the Bankstown local government area. Support the Bankstown Workers with Youth Network to incorporate the outcomes of this review and manage the selection of a new auspice for the Youth Development Officer. 1994 Council for Equal Opportunity in Employment LtdAssistant DirectorWorking on the design of training products and grievances. Established a Special Employment Placement Office project to promote the employment of people with a disability in the private business sector.Consultant: Competency Based Pay SystemsA Warringah Council project which required the extensive liaising and interviewing of some 100 staff across a division to update their duty statement and re-design descriptors for each person.Consultant: Balangarri Aboriginal Corporation, Turkey Creek, KimberleyEmployed by the Balangarri Management Committee to update the organisation's previous five year plan which the organisation had implemented well before schedule. The project required extensive liaison with the Management Committee, the 10 independent Balangarri outstation communities and the organisation's staff. Culturally appropriate project development steps were designed before final research, preparation and printing of the final report. The entire project required extensive financial planning and administrative skills as well as sound knowledge of local culture and the community context to ensure that it was completed on time and with community endorsement. 1994 Special Projects: (Organisation Development Division, Warringah Council, Sydney)In this capacity I was required to work on the establishment of Council's first Equal opportunity Management Plan scheduled to be produced by June 1994. I was required to collect, analyse and prepare an organisation staff profile form which was the blue-print for the first management plan developed.The management plan details strategies to promote and develop the participation of women, people from non-English speaking backgrounds, Aboriginal people and people with disabilities in the local council workforce. Considerations of these target groups was then incorporated into the overall service delivery to the community. 1993 to 1994 Special Projects: Community Facilities Division, Warringah Council, SydneyI was employed to review the customer services and marketing of the division's many diverse functions. I participated in a Council wide task force on customer service and assisted with the writing of the final report recommending changes to Council. I supervised the recruitment of appropriate front counter staff, the re design of the public contact area, a review and streamlining of information and systems including an operations manual used by these staff in the day to day operations of the office. 1991 Consultant: Waringarri and Balangarri Aboriginal Corporations.Preparation of Corporate Plans for both these organisations including the documentation of the development of Aboriginal Outstation Movement in both the Turkey Creek and Kununurra areas as well as projections of future corporate goals and detailed staff work programmes. The development of specific projects to enhance and promote the opportunities of local Miriwoong women such as the lodgement of Women's Business (Law) site leasehold and development of funding submission to establish basic infrastructure, such as road, fencing and water on the site. Detailed research, liaison with all relevant user and service organisations including both State and Federal government agencies. The preparation, writing and printing of the documents, once final endorsement gained form the local Aboriginal Management Committees. 1990 Consultant: Department of Community Services WAPreparation of grant submission document to study the juvenile justice system in the north-east Kimberley and its impact on Aboriginal youth. Development of 5 year plans for North East Kimberley Aboriginal Communities. 1987 to 1990 Coordinator: Waringarri Aboriginal Corporation, Kununurra, East KimberleyIn this capacity I managed Waringarri, the largest Aboriginal Organisation in the Kimberley, providing regular advice to the Management Committee and assisting with the development of each of the organisation's seven diverse sections, These included the Outstation Community Development Sections, Accounts, Alcohol Project, Waringarri Media (Community Radio Station), Waringarri Arts and Crafts, Mayaroong Construction (a building construction company) and Plant Nursery.As Manager I was directly responsible for the daily operations of the organisation, required to supervise project and clerical staff, research and establish new projects such as Mirima Dawang Woolab Gerring (or Miriwoong Language & Culture Centre), assist individual community members, attend community meetings, undertake all administration of corporate documents and provide appropriate training to staff members as required. Other major projects such as the development of a Waringarri Corporate Video and a Waringarri Women's Driving Course (now ongoing), the Waringarri Annual reports, seek funding and prepare annual budgets for new projects, the resource centre of Waringarri and the represented individual communities. In addition to these duties, I was required to liaise extensively with both Government and non-government agencies on all matters pertaining to local Aboriginal needs, i.e. land, training, health, mining, culture, essential services etc., to promote greater awareness of the needs and enhance these services areas. Waringarri organised and facilitated major projects during this period such as the "East Kimberley Aboriginal Communities Housing Conference" (1989), and the third "West Australian Aboriginal Broadcasters Conference" (1990), which provided forums in these sectors beyond the East Kimberley region. 1987 Equal Employment Opportunity Co-ordinator: NSW Urban Transit AuthorityIn this capacity I was required to write the Authority's EEO Annual Report, re-structure the EEO programme into 7 individual branch plans and provide ongoing advice and assistance to managers involving Unions, and the Director of the EEO programme. Supervise the 15 staff members and prioritise the initiatives for women, people of non-English speaking background (NESB), Aborigines and people with disabilities to be developed by the EEO Unit. Participation on ESL. Parliamentary committees and various conferences on behalf of the Manager, EEO. The design and conduct of specialist training to meet the needs of women in the organisation and people from NESB in particular. 1986-1987 Project Office: EEO Unit Public Works Department, SydneyDuties included the design and distribution of statistical monitors for EEO data base, identification and design of training courses for target group members, such as:-� Career Development Workshops for Women� Women in Management� Job Kits� Harassment in the WorkplaceOther duties required the critical review of employment practices, research and provision of background papers on issues relating to discrimination in employment, advice to senior officers regarding EEO strategies and their implementation, presentation in training sessions of both EEO and staff development courses as necessary. The provision of advice on grievances ad resolution of grievances and discriminatory practice, the preparation of literature for target group members, the EEO annual reports and progress reports as required. Personnel Officer: Public Works Department, SydneyAs the Department's Personnel Officer I was required to deal with a range of complex personnel matters. Matters dealt with varied from implementing the Department's policies regarding retirement age to providing senior management with a plan and advice on a proposed job rotation scheme. In this capacity I was further able to develop my understanding of the conditions which govern public service staff, and the application of these in the Department. I continued to provide a grievance resolution service and present sessions to all relevant courses. Tutor: Centre for Continuing Education, University of SydneyI revised the correspondence course entitled "Australia, A Nation of Immigrants" and tutored discussion groups. The course operated by correspondence so I was required to "tutor-by-post" providing critical analysis and marking of essays for course, and some face to face visits also required for course. 1985 Research Assistant: EEO Unit Public Works Department, SydneyDuties included investigation of EEO issues, statistical analysis of data and preparation of reports for the Department's Equal Opportunity Co-ordinator.ESP/ESL Bi-lingual support teacher: Department of TAFE employed by Petersham Outreach as a Bi-lingual support teacher, a teacher is English as a Second Language (ESL) and English for Specific Purposes (ESP). In the 3 trades based courses I taught for Outreach, duties included: effecting a needs analysis of groups' requirements designing a correspondence course and lesson outline, bilingually teach course content, preparing detailed reports and submissions on assessment and effectiveness of course. Assisting course members to find appropriate employment on completion of the course. Translator: Petersham Outreach College of TAFEPrivate Tutor of English to Uruguayan Immigrants in Milperra. 1984 Research/Consultant: SBS Committee ReviewAnalysis of statistical data to ascertain B.S. 0/28 and 2EA Radio. Research of background material for short film "Gloria". Translator/Subtitle:Translated and provided the Spanish sub-titles for the documentary entitled "No Pasaran" by film maker David Bradbury. Interpreted on set during making of the film "Gloria" by filmmaker Patricia Boero: catered for the cast and crew of short film "When We Get the Money" by filmmaker Jinks Dulhunty. Interviewer:Employed by the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) Network 0/28 to interview Spanish Speaking Survey Participants by telephone. 1982 Private Tutor:Private Tutor of English Language in Granada, Spain. 1981 Manager:Part-time manger of Deans Coffee Lounge, Sydney 1980 Manager:Part-time manager for New Edition Bookshop Tearooms, Sydney. Responsible for the overall efficient operations of the restaurant and staff. 1979 Interpreter: Canadian Embassy Belgrade, YugoslaviaDuties included standard clerical work and interpreting as required in visa application interviews from French into Serbo-Croatian. 1978 Clerical:Part-time employment at the library of the University of NSW. Duties included printing the catalogue code into book spines and basic clerical duties as required.

John Murray AM
Craig Jones
Michelle de Vries
Sydney and Online

Supportive, efficient and cost effective family mediation.  Practising since 2000 with a genuine desire to support parties throughout the process.  Encouraging use of online mediation to reduce fees dramatically.

Daniel Massey

Law Society NSW, LEADR

Sarah Heesom
Lawrence Fong
Sheila Freeman
Roseline Lee Thirunavukkarasu
Barbara Kwiecien

Geologist Tenement Land Manager Mediation and Negotiation on land access

Lidy Seysener
Northern Beaches of Sydney

Mediation is for people coming together to discuss issues in dispute. Lidy's task is to help people understand each other’s point of view and to work together to reach an acceptable agreement.

Lidy manages how the mediation session is run. You, the participants in dispute decide what is discussed and what is agreed upon.

When contacting NBM we will firstly speak with each of you independently regarding your concerns and will ask you about what has been tried and what happened.

We do not provide legal advice, though we can assist you by providing information on organisations that do. We only provide advice about how to resolve disputes or prevent them from occurring. Top

Natasha Belmont
Inner Melbourne

Family Dispute Resolution and Child Inclusive FDR Practice.

Parent Information individually and in groups.

Experience working with diverse and complex family structures and disputes.

Debbie Dunn
Jack Gregor
David Anderson
Chris Morrow
North Sydney

Chris has extensive experience negotiating contracts and managing contractual issues and outcomes. His engineering, legal and tribunal experience together with his excellent strategic skills enables him to resolve complex disputes so as to achieve early and effective settlements for his clients.

He is a qualified mechanical engineer having led the implementation of complex services designs in fast-tracked design and construction projects and has experience across a broad range of projects, including electrical power generation and distribution, telecommunications, broadcasting, information technology, commercial and residential building and construction, rail and road infrastructure and industrial plant.

He has also prepared numerous reports as an expert witness in extension of time, compensable delay and disruption matters for those types of projects.


  • contract administration
  • preparation of contract documents and contract risk reviews
  • preparation and defence of contract claims
  • preparation of payment claims, payment schedules, adjudication applications and adjudication responses under security of payment legislation
  • preparation of submissions for formal dispute resolution processes
  • expert reports and expert witness services in extension of time (EOT), compensable delay and disruption matters
  • mediator, adjudicator, expert determiner and arbitrator 


  • Radio Technicians Certificate (RTC) - New Zealand Polytechnic Institute
  • Bachelor of Engineering (BE) – UNSW
  • Graduate Diploma in Management (Technology) - Deakin
  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB) - UTS
  • Graduate Certificate in Legal Practice - UTS
  • Accredited mediator, adjudicator, arbitrator, expert determiner, expert witness - Institute of Arbitrators & Mediators Australia
Liz Rankin
Frances Richards & Associates
Eastern Sydney NSW

Calm, organised and empathetic resolver of conflict relating to:

  • compulsory acquisition of land,
  • land valuation,
  • land development,
  • public land use,
  • local government governance, procurement, probity and services,
  • civil aviation,
  • geospatial information systems (GIS),
  • child care and protection.
Caterina Caruso

Consultant Workplace and Industrial Relations. Investigator Occupational Health and Safety Workplace relations

John De Bono

John De Bono has worked extensively in the Health, Welfare, Aged Care and Community sectors. Founder of GroupWise People Development Services, John is an experienced facilitator and adult educator specialising in resolving workplace conflict.

Clare de Bruin
Peter Singer

Giving people an insight into their issue coupled with the interests and motivations that drive their needs, helps them make effective decisions. As a mediator and negotiator, my mission ensures that parties understand the choices that lay in front of them, to enable them to take their most effective decision. Having a commercial business background and running a national company of 100+ full time staff, have exposed me to the importance of critical decisions in the business world. I have mediated and negotiated Workplace Matters, Union Disputes, Leasing Disputes, Building Disputes, Family Business and Partnership Breakdowns. I welcome your call to clarify any aspect of my work. 1300-26-26-63

Sophie Timmins Thomson
New England / North West Country NSW

Create Better Outcomes with Thomson Mediation

Thomson mediation has developed over my more than 20 years of experience as a legal practitioner and partner of a grazing company. We specialize in people.  Mediation is the future. In almost every part of our lives technology is taking over. It is becoming more and more difficult to communicate or express ourselves. Mediation gives a controlled environment to solve problems between parties. Through the process of mediation participants are given the power to resolve their conflict. Mediation is an effective method to resolve disputes when they arise or after they arise.


Claire Pirola
Sydney NSW

A holistic, respectful and pragmatic approach to resolving complex conflict in the workplace and community underpins my approach to dispute resolution for clients. I bring a lengthy experience in complaint management, and dispute resolution, having worked with both government and not for profit sectors across a range of areas including social welfare, policing, legal and education.  This includes extensive experience working with numerous community and faith based organisations over the past 21 years.  I am appreciative of the impact on service delivery, and the emotional and financial costs, to both individuals and organisations when early indicators of workplace conflict and complaints are not adequately resolved.  I work closely with our clients to provide a suitably tailored process to resolve conflict, and committed to delivering a service that further enables leadership  to build capacity for its organisational vision. I am a nationally accredited mediator, NSW lawyer and Partner in a law firm that provides multidisciplinary services, and passionate about finding the common path to bring about resolution of conflict that hinders our clients services or growth. 


Stephanie Kemp
John Campbell
Brisbane & South East Queensland

John is a highly experienced ADR and Legal Practitioner, with over 15 years in the law. He has mediated and conciliated for such (Queensland) Government organisations as the Dispute Resolution Branch (Department of Justice and Attorney-General), the Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland and QCAT. John is engaged privately, by leading law firms acting in litigated matters and by individuals or organisations directly, for mediation. John consults to individuals and organisations in conflict coaching and dispute management planning. John sits as a Committee Member on the Queensland Law Society's ADR Committee and has been invited to join with other leading ADR practitioners in a number of high level 'think-tanks' which have addressed vital aspects of mediation practise. John has taught Civil Procedure and Mediation in the undergraduate law program at two leading Queensland universities and is also engaged regularly by the Dispute Resolution Branch to deliver seminars and provide coaching in its various courses.

Gwen Edwards
Blue Mountains, Western Sydney
Anna Roberts
Newcastle and Hunter Valley

Specialists in Family Law Mediation located in Newcastle.                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Paul James Fawcett
Central Coast NSW

We are a boutique Central Coast-based Family Dispute Resolution and Mediation Practice dedicated to assisting people going through separation to negotiate how their children will be cared for in the future and/or how their property will be divided after a separation.

Dorter Family Lawyers and Mediators
McMahons Point, North Sydney, NSW

We are an expert team of family lawyers and mediators based in North Sydney. Whether it’s separation and divorce, complex property settlements or child custody, our approach always starts with you. It’s your goals and circumstances that shape the strategy to put you back in control of your life. Our complete focus on family law is what sets us apart.

Rae-Anne Medforth

Rae-Anne�s interest in dispute resolution has resulted in over 20 years experience in workplace relations in the public sector, higher education and health industry, and more recently advising business on a broad range of industrial relations issues. In addition to this sound basis she has worked and represented organisations in the international arena including the UN. She has also participated in high level negotiations and discussions at UN forums. Rae-Anne�s extensive and wide ranging experience has contributed to the development of her negotiation and advocacy skills to a high level. Her areas of expertise are human resource management, industrial regulation and mediation in the workplace. As an industrial relations negotiator and advocate Rae-Anne has had extensive experience in workplace dispute resolution, working as a an industrial officer and advocate with unions at the state, national and international levels before using her knowledge and experience more broadly as a workplace consultant. Rae-Anne�s mediation work has resulted in clients being assisted to find practical settlements to difficult workplace disputes.

Stephen Lee

Barrister at Law since 1995. Member Bar Associations Qld & NSW. Admitted in Qld; NSW; Vic; ACT; England and Wales (The Honourable Society of the Middle Temple); and New York (Attorney at Law). Mediated or appeared for parties in numerous mediations as well as appearing for parties as Counsel in all Courts including 17 appearances in the High Court of Australia. Practice areas include general commercial litigation, contract, equity, remedies, trusts & estates, banking & finance, insolvency, professional negligence, public law, ADR.

Tobias Little

I am a nationally accredited mediator under the NMAS (National Mediation Accreditation System). With over 25 years of experience in the aviation industry, I hold a Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management, a Certificate IV in Assessment & Workplace Training, and am trained and experienced in managing workplace investigations. I am employed at Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria by Department of Justice and Community Safety, working within the Residential Tenancy Dispute Scheme. 

Suzanne Goodall
Chris Ronalds SC

Chris is a highly experienced mediator, especially in a full range of employment disputes including sexual harassment, all forms of discrimination and bullying.

Justine Davis
Northern Territory

I work as a conflict specialist,  as a mediator, restorative justice convenor, facilitator, conflict coach, trainer and conflict transformation worker.  I have conducted more than 5000 mediations in a wide range of disputes, including multi party disputes with over 100 parties present at the mediation, family disputes, court referred disputes, workplace disputes, commercial conflicts, community disputes and cross cultural conflicts. I am a nationally accredited mediator in Australia and Papua New Guinea, a Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, a recognised peacemaker by the Dhurili Clan Nation and a Justice of the Peace. 

I am appointed as a mediator under the Native Title Tribunal, the Work Health Act NT and to the Lands and Mining Tribunal NT, and have designed and delivered mediation training throughout Australia and internationally, including developing and delivering training for mediators in East Timor, the Pacific ( Solomon Islands and Tonga), and Papua New Guinea , and co- designing and delivering mediation and conflict management training on country in remote Australia, in particular in Arnhem Land. I also work as a trainer, coach and assessor for RI and ADC.

I believe in working alongside people to build peace with justice, in families, communities and beyond.

Elizabeth  Jessup
Ian Shann

Experienced family law mediator and arbitrator.  Worked for over 25 years as a family lawyer in seeking sensible outcomes and solutions for clients.  Also mediated workplace, industrial, building & construction matters.

Christina King
Sydney and Tasmania- Hobart

JK Corporate Resourcing is a consultancy firm that provides solutions to the workplace to maximise human capital. JK Corporate Resourcing is a workplace rehabilitation provider approved by WorkCover NSW, WorkCover Tasmania, CTP, and Comcare. JK Corporate Resourcing provides psychological services, workplace health and safety consultancy, general assessments in a variety of systems and mediation. JK Corporate Resourcing has extensive experience in working with privately underwritten states and WorkCover underwritten states. We work with those organisations that are both agent insured and self-insured and truly understand the needs of both systems.

Our mission is to provide high quality and cost effective solutions, thereby achieving optimum results for all parties.

We treat all clients and companies individually • We take into consideration all environmental, social and cultural factors • We work collaboratively and efficiently with all parties • We understand the need to move forward in a timely manner

Dianne Dawson
Barbara McKee
Vlado Joseph Dancevic
Geelong Region Melbourne CBD

Highly experienced in accounting, financial planning, finance, investment and business management I now bring this expertise to the practice of mediation and dispute resolution.

I have over 40 years’ experience in accounting, finance, financial planning, investment, business advisory and business management. This has not only provided me with a solid foundation in those fields but also extensive experience in negotiation and dispute resolution. I have now brought these skills into, and formalised my practice of, mediation through National Accreditation under the National Mediator Accreditation Standards (NMAS).

The many decades in work, business and society in general has brought me into contact with people from all walks of life and I have been called on to help resolve many and varied disputes. I believe that my qualities are most suitable for dispute resolution. They include: flexibility; patience; sensitivity; perseverance; objectivity; tact; adaptability; open-mindedness; active listening; rapport- building; empathy. I have faith in the process of mediation in the resolution of disputes and understand that to achieve success one must be prepared for the unexpected.


Alan Limbury

Alan practises “Principled Negotiation” and interests-based mediation taking a non-judgmental approach, while not shrinking from reality-testing and raising possible options for agreement. He is creatively facilitative, seeking a broad focus, persistent and patient throughout. Alan has a calm, respectful approach, remaining ostensibly optimistic. He often rigorously tests lawyers in confidential session with their clients to obtain a realistic appraisal of their prospects in court or before an arbitrator. An empathetic mediator, Alan is able to help craft a process to suit the needs of the parties while being mindful of but not rigidly bound to any format. He is strictly observant of confidences.