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Larry Maybee (LMB Law & Mediation)
Gold Coast & Brisbane, Queensland & Northern New South Wales

Following careers as a legal adviser and senior manager, doing humanitarian work with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and as a senior military officer, I am pleased to be able to combine my skills and experience to provide Mediation and Conflict Management Coaching Services in Queensland and Northern New South Wales.  

Anthony Parbery
David Parker
Michael Maguire
Queensland, Australia, New Zealand

Michael works with ex partners empowering them to participate effectively in the mediation process. He works with them to ensure that the development needs of their children are taken into account in their decision making. He works with them to design property settlement solutions that allow them to start again and move on with their lives.



Douglas (Doug) Shirrefs
Melbourne/GoulburnValley/Regional Victoria

Lateral. Commercial. Committed. Relentless focus on results for clients.

Doug brings the benefit of extensive commercial experience and detailed technical skills as a lawyer to bear on every matter.  Committed to resolutions, he is known for a unique ability to "cut to the chase", help parties identify the real issues between them and come up with their own answers.

Doug believes all commercial disputes can, and should be, be mediated.  Big or small.  He brings a relentless desire to help you solve your problem.  As a practising commercial barrister he sees the impacts of litigation all too often and he understands the benefits of avoiding it.

He is available to mediate all commercial disputes with a speciality in franchise matters and agricultural disputes, including family farms, Estates and partnerships. 

He is retained by companies large and small to assist them to resolve Board and Governance disputes, with a particular interest in helping small and medium businesses work through growing pains and transition to skill based governance models.

David Levin Q.C.

Construction Law; Computer Law. 45 Years at the Bar; 20 years as a QC

Anthony Grieve

He is well placed to deal with highly technical dispute resolution cases. His dispute resolution experience includes arbitration, court reference, adjudication and mediation of domestic and international matters.

Doug Jones AO
Izak C. Rosenfeld
New York and Melbourne

Mediator, Counsel, Consultant

Diane Skene
Darling Downs and West, Queensland

Di Skene Mediation Services, Darling Downs and West in Queensland.

Mediation's can be facilitated by Telephone, Skype and In person (face to face or shuttle).

  • Civil Disputes
  • Family Dispute Resolution
  • Court Ordered Mediation
  • Neighbourhood Disputes
  • Workplace Disputes
  • Parenting Plans
Catherine Joseph
telephone, online and in person

I help separated parents make good decisions for their children, minimise conflict and build a respectful, communicative relationship as co-parents. I work with parents with or without legal representation at any stage of separation or legal proceeding to resolve emotional and practical disputes quickly and constructively with calm confidence and impartiality.

I am an NMAS mediator and AG registered FDRP with BA Communications and LLB.

Jan Elsley
Sunshine Coast and SE Queensland

Workplace Mediation and conflict resolution, Facilitation and training for workplace harassment, discrimination and bullying.

Recognised by peers, colleagues and clients as committed, discrete and professional with an interest in facilitating conflict discussions with fairness, dignity and empathy for all parties involved.

Provides consultancy services as a Workforce change manager, Project manager, Facilitator and Trainer to achieve collaborative solutions for people, culture and business change. 

Servicing the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane North areas …. and willing to travel to other regions in Queensland or along the East Coast of Australia.

Samantha Forsyth
Services offered across regional SA and online

Flexible dispute resolution and mediation solutions provided by Accredited Mediators through Centacare Catholic Country SA.

Please contact us to explore Mediation options and prices tailored to your needs

Mediation and Resolution Services

Centacare's Mediation and Resolution Service offers a suite of flexible dispute resolution services through facilitating voluntary, confidential discussion between the relevant people about the issues in dispute, managed by an independent mediator.

  • Services are tailored to your business or organisation's needs
  • Offering holistic wrap-around Employee Assistance Services alongside Mediation and Dispute Resolution services to assist with managing workplace conflict
  • We use technology capabilities to make the service more accessible, flexible and responsive
  • Our Mediators can facilitate video meetings to bring the service to you across regional and remote South Australia

Employee Counselling

We offer a comprehensive Employee Assistance Program which provides counselling to address the needs of organisations and their employees through a comprehensive range of services. At the core of which is short-term, professional counselling using evidence-based psychological interventions.

Counselling intervention is designed to identify and assist employees in resolving both work and personal issues at onset to prevent issues that may be adversely affecting employee performance and wellbeing.

Areas may include, but are not limited to:

  • Personal issues
  • Relationship issues
  • Work/personal stress
  • Interpersonal conflict
  • Working relationships
  • Substance abuse
  • Gambling
  • Grief and Loss
  • Trauma
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Financial problems

Education and Training

We have significant experience and expertise in developing and delivering tailored training and workshop packages. These are designed to assist organisations to promote understanding of workplace issues, and to assist managers and employees to develop practical skills and strategies to deal with workplace issues and situations.

Strategic Solutions to Workplace Conflict

Employee Assistance Program offers its organisations strategic solutions to workplace conflict through consultancy and coaching, including:

  • Mediation and dispute resolution 
  • Consultancy to design conflict management strategies, policies and procedures
  • Programs to develop knowledge and skills for managers to enable them to prevent and deal with situations which have the potential to develop into conflict
  • Coaching, where a coach works individually with a client to determine the current situation, set goals for the future, and plan ways to meet these goals. 
Glyn Conlon
Sydney Northern Beaches

Navigating conflict is an important skill. When things get out of hand, we’re left with stress, anxiety and guilt – and the feeling of always being ‘on guard’.

With that often comes sleepless nights, lost confidence, arguments with bosses or partners, reduced appetite, headaches, being distracted or performing poorly at work, unhealthy coping mechanisms and weight gain.

You deserve peace

I use a simple, learnable and powerfully life-changing communication model that you can call on at any time – in business, with family or friends.

Together with Non-Violent Communication (NVC) and mediation, this combination bridges the missing link in the relationship puzzle and allows people to come to agreements and often have compassion and understanding for each other.

With this technique, I have uplifted my mindset and empowered clients to overcome hurdles in business relationships, communication dilemmas between new parents, raising teenagers and avoiding, or managing, divorce.

Tracey Wood
Brisbane Gold Coast Toowoomba

Construction law and dispute resolution services including adjudication applications and responses.

I have 30 years of experience in the construction industry as a structural engineer, project manager, commercial manager, contracts manager and lawyer.  My dual background of engineering and law provides our clients with real understanding of their projects and how to avoid or resolve disputes. 

We assist clients with:

  • Negotiating and draft contracts;
  • Legal advice for construction contracts including domestic building contracts, subcontracts, head contracts, consultancy agreements;
  • Challenging regulatory actions e.g. QBCC;
  • Project Bank Accounts / Statutory Trust Accounts;
  • Contract administration;
  • Managing contracts throughout construction;
  • Resolving disputes;
  • Drafting payment claims and schedules;
  • Drafting adjudication applications and responses;
  • Expert determinations. 
Emma Broomfield
North coast of NSW

I provide workplace, community and public dispute resolution and facilitation services across regional NSW.  My passion is helping others solve problems and work together for the benefit of their community. I am interested in how mediation (both the process and principles) can be used to improve decision making and therefore outcomes for our communities.  

As a qualified lawyer and nationally accredited mediator, I also provide legal and governance advice to organisations that need help navigating the complexities of the government and regulatory system. My clients include local councils and not for profits across regional areas. 

John Palmer
Mark Addison
Sydney CBD

Having been a commercial litigation for more than 30 years, I specialise in commercial disputes of all varieties. This includes insolvency matters, both personal and corporate, contract and supply disputes, risk management, Work Health & Safety matters (having prosecuted for both WorkSafe NSW and ComCare in the past), shareholder and director disputes and claims under the Corporations Act or Bankruptcy Act.

Marina Dulhunty
Hunter, Hawkesbury, Sydney

Insurance, superannuation, Family Provision Act matters, estates, Industrial relations and employment, Trusts, equity, winding-up, racehorse/syndication disputes, Retail Leases, loans, mortgage possession matters, debt matters, costs assessment as a Supreme Court costs assessor since 2002.

Steve Lieblich
Perth, Western Australia

Consultant in business development, commercial relations, negotiation and dispute resolution.

Accredited and experienced in mediation, conciliation, facilitation, adjudication (including payment claim disputes and domain name disputes), expert determination, and arbitration.

Provides dispute-resolution services under various formal processes, often succeeding to bring the parties to a resolution BY CONSENT, despite having authority as an arbitrator or adjudicator to determine the matter.

Genevieve Armson
Kym Roylance
Glenda Kay Lynch
Jaswant Deo

40 years Total in Design, Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing and Dispute Resolution.

Mariyon Slany
Stephen Porter
Greg Mannion
Brisbane and Sunshine Coast

I have spent the last 20 years carving out a very successful business career, specialising in leadership and people development. These roles include CEO, General Manager, Business Manager, Manager HR, and Executive Consultant.

I am now combining these skills with my psychology background to offer businesses a range of value adding services. These include executive coaching, training and development opportunities, strategic planning, facilitation, mediation, and HR assistance and advice.

Hans Bokelund
Nigel Woodward
Justin Carter
Melbourne | Brisbane | Hong Kong

I am a barrister and arbitrator with an unusual skill set. I’m known for dealing with ‘strange stuff’, so solicitors often seek my help with unique and unusual legal problems. My broad understanding of different jurisdictions, and experience across practice areas, is invaluable in identifying legal mechanisms available for clients to resolve their legal and commercial matters. 

You’ll find me representing large private organisations, state and federal governments, statutory authorities, and local councils — in Australia and in overseas jurisdictions. My in-depth knowledge of Chinese legal systems has seen me act for clients in matters involving the laws of the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. You can find information about briefing me at www.justincarter.com.au 

Anna Svenson, my clerk, is available to help, at clerks@svenson.com.au or on +61 3 9225 7333.

Jon Clarke

Jon has in excess of 20 years experience in commercial litigation with an emphasis on contract disputes, insolvency law and building and construction. Jon handles the dispute resolution and management section of the firm. Jon is an accredited mediator (through the Bond University) and an Accredited Arbitrator (Grade 2).

Greg Yates
Nancy Kohn
Andrew Moffat

Mediation of commercial, financial and governance disputes is my sole ADR focus, drawing on my deep commercial experience in investment banking and commercial banking, and my leadership of one of Australia's largest not-for-profits.  My approach is flexible and pragmatic, but active, encouraging disputants and their advisors to consider fully their situation (not just legal formalities) and all aspects of possible ways forward. 

Catherine Smithson
Sydney based, available nationally
Matthew Pearce

Refer to my profile under local government, environment and mining. I am a corporate lawyer with exposure to a variety of corporate matters specifically dealing with local government.

Christine McCarthy

See website www.christinemccarthymediation.com

Ben Schoeman
Australia, Africa, South East Asia, Pacific

Accredited Mediator NMAS

Mediation, Conciliation, Facilitation, Problem-solving, Adjudication, Training

I am a full time professional consultant in conflict management and dispute resolution with more than two decades worth of experience. I provide mediation, arbitration, training, change management, development facilitation, organisational transformation, community conflict management, environmental facilitation and labour relations services.

Deb Black
Adelaide based - will travel

Blackforrest Consulting provides tailored assistance for you in resolving conflict.  Principal consultant, Deb Black has over 30 years experience in the fields of Change Management, Advocacy, Conciliation , Negotiation, Mediation, Mentoring, Conflict coaching and Restorative Practice.

Basil Georgiou

Basil practises in the areas of general litigation, construction and insurance including contracts, tort, insurance, professional negligence, building construction and engineering contracts, directors and officers insurances, construction insurances, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution. He is a LEADR accredited mediator and is on the list of mediators approved for use in the Supreme Court. Basil is a member of the construction law and professional indemnity team and is coordinator of the firm's mediation service. He practises across the broad spectrum of legal issues, including trade practices and fair trading issues.

Leah Smart
Newcastle and Hunter Valley NSW

Confidential, accredited and experienced, legally trained NMAS Accredited Mediator for all dispute types. 

David Trinder
Robyn Bailey

I serve clients in any state or territory of Australia, and overseas. I provide a range of ADR services, including mediation and adjudication (arbitration).

Don Dickie
Jon Kenfield
Accountant, Arbitrator & Mediator. Melbourne.

Effective Dispute Resolution: Arbitrator, Accounting Expert, Mediator.  Full range of dispute resolution services, tailored to needs, delivered in a practical, businesslike style. 

I've managed several thousand private facilitation and mediation processes over the last 30+ years, plus a substantial number of expert determinations and arbitrations, across a very broad range of dispute types - from very small to very large.

Owen Webb
Victoria and Southern NSW

Business to business and all commercial mediation. Farm Debt Mediation.


Anna Booth
Renee Fedele

Specialising in Family Dispute Resolution involving children and/or financial issues. We also provide child consultations as part of the Family Dispute Resolution process 

Marcel Alter

As a practioner of over 30 years I have the life, legal and commercial experience to assist all different types of people in all different manner Tha aim is always to ensure the parties can move on

Richard Hapgood