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Richard Alexander

30 years experience in construction and engineering in UK, Australia, NZ, Hong Kong, Middle East

William Pryor... website: williampryoradr.com.au
Melbourne and Rural Victoria

Construction / Building and Property and Leases related disputes are my core expertise. This may encompass Joint Venture Partnership, head contractor, sub contractor, variation, delay claims, contractual, building defects, settlements, tenancy /landlord issues. The more complex verity of cases are commonly Mediated by myself and my practice. This may cover large construction sites through to small domestic disputes.


Liz Grayshon
Professional quality service

I offer a professional and approachable style of mediation predominantly within the realms of family law. 

In addition, I also provide mediation assistance relating to disputes between landlord/ tenants, neighbourhood disputes, contracts and workplace relations. 

I am flexible with availability offering evening and weekend mediation sessions. 

Sangeeta Pilger

 I resolve workplace disputes. Individuals and teams have options to access my expertise in the form of facilitated discussions or formal mediation to improve communication, relationships and productivity. 

Nationally accredited under the National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS) and observe  NMAS Practice Standards.

Accredited in a range of tools. I help individuals and teams  to enhance awareness of styles and blind spots that frequently contribute to  conflict emerging or being sustained.  Follow-up coaching and observation of meetings are utilised by my clients to support accountability and success.

I also bring co-mediation to the Canberra market. Two heads can be better than one, and will often accelerate the mediation process. The benefit to you is two mediators at a similar price to one mediator. We also provide a complimentary follow-up session to enhance accountability.



Fiona Susan Terry
Susan Wilhelm

An experienced Mediator in the corporate workplace with cross cultural experience and availability to travel across Australia and NZ

Larissa Goldberg

Goldberg Family Law Mediation helps parents, and couples affected by relationship breakdowns to avoid or end protracted, and often costly, litigation. 

We facilitate two different models of family law mediation:

  • ​Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) under the Family Law Act 1975
  • ​Mediation under the National Mediator Accreditation Scheme (NMAS)

As a private family law mediation provider, we can tailor both mediation processes to our clients' specific needs.

We assist clients to discuss issues, look at options, and work out how best to reach agreement.  

Our services include:

  • All issues arising from the breakdown of domestic relationships (heterosexual and LGBTIQ+)
  • Post-separation parenting arrangements and issues
  • ​Developing parenting plans that focus on the best interests of the child
  • ​Establishing positive post-separation co-parenting by educating clients on the impact of conflict on children and equipping them with skills to enhance their parenting ability and co-parenting relationship
  • ​Parenting coordination – assisting parents with issues on an ad hoc basis such as compliance with a court order
  • ​Property settlement - the division of assets and liabilities
  • Child support issues and developing child support agreements
  • ​Other financial arrangements such as spousal maintenance and adult child maintenance
  • ​Interfamily parenting and financial arrangements and issues
  • ​Future asset protection
  • ​Cultural and religious issues that impact on the co-parenting relationship or the ability to establish new relationships
  • ​Isolated issues such as passport applications, overseas travel, and arrangements for significant occasions
  • ​Managing changing family dynamics such as the introduction of new partners and the creation of blended families
  • ​Reviewing the appropriateness of arrangements as children develop

We appreciate that our clients and their family lawyers frequently have significant work and family commitments, and are keen to progress matters.  We endeavour to assist by:

  • ​meeting with clients as soon as possible
  • ​responding to communications and requests for the issuing of section 60I certificates promptly
  • ​accommodating clients requiring appointments at short notice or outside of business hours, including on selected weeknights and weekends
  • ​facilitating mediations in our office or at a suitable venue (arranged by the clients or lawyers) in the Melbourne metropolitan area or regional Victoria
  • ​providing typed copies of agreements 

At Goldberg Family Law Mediation, we recommend to every client that, before commencing the family law mediation process and before signing any legally binding agreement, they obtain legal advice from an experienced family lawyer.  Our legal experience enables us to identify specific matters about which clients may require further legal advice during the process.  If considered appropriate and agreed by the parties, we can facilitate legally assisted FDR and mediations that are non-adversarial and child-focussed.


There is no requirement for clients to attend a group information session before their initial meeting with a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDR practitioner).  Clients deal with the same FDR practitioner throughout the process, averting the trauma that can be associated with having to repeat their circumstances to different practitioners.

​For parenting matters, we use a variety of child-focused interventions, which take into account each child’s age, maturity and needs.  Clients are educated on the impact of conflict on children, and equipped with skills to enhance their post-separation parenting ability and co-parenting relationship.  They are required to provide copies of all current family violence orders, parenting orders, parenting plans and family reports.

​For financial matters, our focus is on facilitating the sharing of information, and just and equitable decision-making.  Clients are required to provide copies of all current financial orders and agreements, asset appraisals or valuations, and a Financial Statement and Balance Sheet (preferably prepared or reviewed by their lawyers).


Our fixed fee mediations for family law property matters are particularly cost-effective for those involving smaller asset pools.

​Clients or their lawyers are required to provide a chronology of events and copies of the parenting and financial documents listed above under FDR. 

Kay Feeney
Katherine Blewitt
Bernadette Le Grand
Christopher John Whitelaw

Specialising in Early Dispute Resolution Strategies primarily in commercial disputes, property disputes, building disputes and Wills and Estate disputes. Applying strategies to manage and resolve disputes innovatively and creatively outside of litigation (or to curtail long expensive litigation where possible), keeping costs down, minimising stress and facilitating the restoration of important personal and business relationships.

Katelyn Betti
West Leederville

We provide Mediation and Support Services, including Counselling and Parenting Advice.  Most of our clients want to plan for the future following separation.  We also help parents and families to find solutions to other family challenges.

John Irving

Member of Institute of Chartered Accountants, Aust (FCA) Australian Institute of Company Directors (FAICD), Insolvency Practitioners Association (IPAA) Board Appointments: Martindale Holdings Pty Lt (Director) Australia Business Arts Foundation (SA Chair) The Big Book Club Inc (Director) State Theatre Company South Australia (Chair) CAREER: I commenced my professional career with Duffield Hastwell Tune & Co in 1976 in the Audit area and joined Arthur Young on 1 January 1980 on the merger of those firms. My experience in Insolvency dates from this time. I joined Allert Heard & Co in August 1980 and became a partner in 1988. I became an Australian Partner of Arthur Andersen in 1989 when those firms merged and an International Partner in 1994. I was Partner in charge of Corporate Recovery Services of Arthur Andersen, South Australia and the Asia Pacific representative on the worldwide Training Advisory Committee which developed and implemented training for CRS practices world-wide until 31 December 1996. On 1 January 1997 I joined SimsPartners where I was Partner in Charge of the Adelaide office until retiring from the firm on 30 June 2008 to relocate to Melbourne. I was a Director and Treasurer of the Royal South Australian Deaf Society for 5 years and Chair of the Audit Committee of Retail Brands Group P/L (Wendy�s Ice Creams). I am currently a Director of Martindale Holdings Pty Ltd, a company which manages rural properties bequested to the University of Adelaide. I have recently been appointed as Chair in SA of the Australia Business Arts Foundation (AbaF) and was appointed as Chair of the State Theatre Company of South Australia in December 2007. I have successfully undertaken the AICD Company Directors Course and after being a member of The Executive Connection (TEC 32) for over 9 years I have since 1 January 2008 taken on the Chair role with that group in Adelaide. I have practised in insolvency management and consulting since 1980 and have specific experience in managing and selling businesses as well as investigating, analysing and designing turnaround/reconstruction strategies for businesses in financial distress. I have undertaken a range of Litigation support assignments, including the preparation of valuation and economic loss reports and the analysis of reports prepared by other experts. I have given evidence in litigation matters and in the course of insolvency administrations. I have significant experience in analysing businesses from both an operational and financial perspective and in formulating financial models to predict financial performance (profit and loss budgets and cashflow forecasts). I have significant experience in leading, coaching and mentoring staff and clients over many years.

Kenneth Waldron

Experienced international commercial negotiator and problem solver.  

Accredited as mediator and capable of applying expert advisory skills when situation demands such intervention.

Specifically skilled in business, SME & agrbusiness sector



Elena Carew-Johns

Family Matters Qld provide high quality, cost effective and practical mediation services to help couples and families going through separation and divorce.

​We specialise in Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) – a mediation process which can help separated couples to agree on a range of issues relating to property, money, and most importantly – their children.

James Mah
Mary Power

Faciliators Network of WA. Australian Institute of Professional Facilitators; Australian Facilitators Network, Organisational Conflict, Government, Not for profit sector, mediation, facilitation, training Organisational Conflict, local State and Federal Government Departments and Agencies, Not for Profit Sector

Leah McKenzie
Family and Workplace Mediator
Gary Stretton
Andrew Spyropoulos
Brisbane and Ipswich

Partnership Disputes ,with emphasis on 'salvaging' relationships even if separations is imminent
Commercial tenancy disputes
Workplace conflicts
Contract performance deputes . Supplier to Customer or Agent or Distributor
Church (Christian)  Dispute resolution , internal and external

Facilitated exit for Corporate Partners / Directors
Facilitated with Corporate mergers (board and operational level)
Work on many occasions with clients legal council  to expedite matters when required

Real Estate and Construction Expert

Joel has been involved in the property and financial analysis sector for over 15 years. He has extensive experience across a broad range of property related issues, including development & project management, property valuations, budgeting & forecasting, transaction management, taxation and contract negotiations. He has worked across a number of sub-industry sectors, and has an in-depth knowledge of the Health & Ageing sector (Aged Care Facilities, Retirement Villages & Hospitals).

William Walsh


Louise Rabbone
Perth WA

Experienced mediator and corporate psychologist who specialises in workplace and organisational conflict resolution.  Leverages expertise as a psychologist in understanding both non-verbal and verbal communication in resolving conflict.  Experience with complex mediations involving multiple parties and highly sensitive matters. Conducted mediations in numerous industries including mining, oil and gas, utilities, education, retail, telco, law enforcement, aviation, transport, finance, insurance, local government, health, non for profit, state and federal government agencies.  Also conducts workshops "Understanding Communication for Healthy Workplace Relationships",  "Managing Difficult Employee Behaviour and Conflict in the Workplace" and "Team Realignment to Manage the aftermath of Conflict in the Workplace"


Ann Ellison
Rebecca Burnett-Smith

Kids First Mediation provides a range of services for parents to help them resolve their issues and raise their children successfully after separation: Family Dispute Resolution Child Consultancy Conflict Coaching Counselling and Family Therapy

Andrew Robertson
Adelaide - Offices Interstate

2002 - Partner, Piper Alderman;

1994-2002 - Solicitor then Partner, Nosworthy Partners

Fellow of CPA Australia. Former National Councillor and long time Chapter Committee member

James Judge

I am focussed upon helping individuals and organisations resolve workplace and related conflicts, navigate through periods of complex change and build capacity in both individuals and teams.

My motivation is to reduce the wasteful economic and human costs that can occur when people aren’t working successfully together, communicating effectively, or realising their potential. 

I bring years of experience, an authentic approach and carefully informed, tailored methodologies to address the underlying challenges you face.

Here are just some of the ways I enjoy helping organisations and individuals

- Mediating emerging or existing conflicts between people or teams

- Enabling groups to work more cohesively, especially during times of ambiguity and change.

- Getting injured employees back to work quickly and preventing expensive grievances and workers compensation claims.

- Ensuring meetings and other forms of personal interactions are effective and respectful.

- Conducting difficult negotiations and facilitating complex consultative processes professionally and impartially.

- Coaching executives or individuals seeking guidance, career advice or wanting to deepen their personal insight

The Hon Greg Keating
Sydney and Canberra

The Hon Greg Keating is a former Judge.

He is an experienced mediator, specialising in resolving litigation before the parties proceed to contested hearings. Mr Keating's experience includes disputes relating to insurance, workplace injury, motor vehicle accidents, wills and estates and public liability.

Leigh Avuri
South East Qld and Northern NSW

Leigh Avuri specialises in family, commercial, workplace and organisational disputes. http://www.avurilawyers.com.au

Roz Townsend
Central West, Bathurst, Regional

An experienced mediator, communication/conflict coach, adult educator, elder mediator, and corporate trainer. Roz has 18 years experience as a mediator and 30 years as an adult educator and corporate trainer.

She has written a number of books in the field of communication and mindfulness in language including:

  1. Future Words - How our Words Create Reality;
  2. Body Language;
  3. 7 Easy Ways to Improve Social Intelligence;
  4. Living Wealth - How to Live a Life of Balance and Harmony;
  5. Manners Matter;
  6. Love Well;
  7. Presentation Skills.


Philippa O'Dea
Bruce Atkinson
Maitland - Hunter Valley

Accredited mediator with consulting engineering background.

  • Broad experience in specifications and contracting.
  • Experienced in R&D and Intellectual Property.
  • Mining and infrastructure.
  • Environmental management.
Dr Nikola A Stepanov phD (Melb.)
Elder, family, medical, & workplace conflicts

Q Resolutions specialise in mediations involving vulnerable parties: elder, family, clinical mediation, & workplace conflicts.

Based in North and Outback Queensland, and servicing all regions North & West of the Gold Coast.

Bill Morgan
Brisbane CBD

I offer mediation services in business disputes and family law property disputes.

Louise Elkington
John Lewis BA LLB GDLP
Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane , Adelaide
  • Low cost & quick service.
  • High success rate.
  • 25 years experience in small business & industry bodies.
  • Lawyer and former CEO of various industry bodies.       
Rebecca McKane
Brisbane and Regional Queensland

John Cahill Mediator

Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

Brisbane, All of Queensland and Northern NSW

| Ph. 07 3378 2116 | Mobile: 0433020256 | johncahill@qldbar.asn.au

Barrister | NMAS Accredited Mediator | Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner


Family Dispute Mediation

Are you unable to register quickly for a mediation at a Family Relationship Centre such as Centacare or Relationships Australia ?

Is private mediation a too costly alternative for you?

I can help.

I offer affordable and timely mediation in family dispute resolution when you need it.

I also realise it is difficult for parties to arrange a time for mediation during work hours. As a result, I offer mediation times after-hours and on Saturdays and Sundays. 

I welcome non-lawyer assisted mediation as well as lawyer assisted mediation.

1. Children’s Matters

  • 30 minute intake for each party
  • Two hour mediation
  • In person or via phone
  • $660 (Inc. GST)
  • Deposit on booking: $330
  • Full payment required by the mediation
  • S60I Certificate: $330 if the mediation fails to proceed.
  • S60I Certificate: Free of charge if the mediation proceeds but does not reach agreement.

2.  Property and Financial Matters:

  • 30 minute intake for each party
  • Two hour mediation
  • In person or via phone
  • $660 (Inc. GST)
  • Deposit on booking: $330
  • Full payment required by the mediation


General Dispute Mediation

3.  Neighbour Disputes

  • 30 minute intake for each party
  • Two hour mediation
  • In person or via phone
  • $660 (Inc. GST)
  • Deposit on booking: $330
  • Full payment required by the mediation


4. Commercial, Franchise and Financial Disputes

  • 30 minute intake for each party
  • Two hour mediation
  • In person or via phone
  • $990 (Inc. GST)
  • Deposit on booking: $495
  • Full payment required by the mediation

4. Wills and Estates

  • 30 minute intake for each party
  • Two hour mediation
  • In person or via phone
  • $990 (Inc. GST)
  • Deposit on booking: $495
  • Full payment required by the mediation

5. Elder Disputes

  • 30 minute intake for each party
  • Two hour mediation
  • In person or via phone
  • $660 (Inc. GST)
  • Deposit on booking: $330
  • Full payment required by the mediation
Sue McGrath
Victoria and Tasmania

I have 20+ years of experience in resolving workplace and interpersonal disputes as a HR Director, people manager, mediator, mentor and coach.

If you need help resolving conflict in any of the following areas I am happy to discuss how I can help you or your organisation:

- Bullying, harassment and undue influence

- misuse of power

- leadership

- team leader and team member

- performance management

- relationships


Phillip Greenham


Ian Coleman SC
Nicki Sloan
Perth, Western Australia and Online
Keta Roseby
Marc Jaku

Marc Jaku is a solicitor specialising in dispute resolution, particularly in the fields of planning and environment, building and development, local government and administrative law.

As a mediator, Marc applies his skills and experience to assist parties to make wise decisions for themselves, which are in their best interests.

Marc has broad experience dealing with disputes that arise in relation to development, including neighbour disputes.

Annette Ruzicka
Brisbane Queensland
Shenda Evans
Brisbane and Qld
Serge Loode
Graeme Neate
Sandy Policansky

Healthcare Senior Rehabilitation Consultant Social Worker

Julia Puntoriero