NMAS certification trademark

Identify yourself as accredited under the National Mediation Accreditation System by using the NMAS certification trademark.

"NMAS accredited mediators are able to hold themselves out as nationally accredited and are licensed to use the NMAS certification trademark during the period of their accreditation." (MSB website FAQs: What are the benefits of being a nationally accredited mediator?)

All financial NMAS accredited mediators are licensed to use the mark in conjunction with “Accredited to [year]”. Please make sure your accreditation is current to ensure that you are meeting the requirements for using the certification trademark.

Display the logo on websites, business cards, letterheads, promotional materials like your website, brochures and marketing materials. You can use logos in printed or electronic forms.

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Download logos

If you currently hold NMAS accreditation through Resolution Institute you can download your logo once you have logged in. Please select the year that your accreditation started.

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Renew your accreditation See post-nominals