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Resolution Institute accreditation

New Zealand mediators can apply for Resolution Institute Mediation Accreditation (formerly known as LEADR accreditation). Resolution Institute Mediation accreditation signifies that a mediator has:

  • Completed a Resolution Institute dispute resolution workshop or a comparable workshop; OR
  • Completed a dispute resolution training program developed through a recognised institution of higher learning which addresses both the theory and practice of mediation; AND
  • Demonstrated competency by conducting a simulated two-hour mediation which is videotaped and/or assessed by one or more assessors; OR
  • Is able to provide other evidence of dispute resolution competency judged by the Accreditation Committee as satisfactory.

Accredited mediators must also meet other requirements specified in the Resolution Institute Accreditation Scheme including that Resolution Institute accredited practitioners pay the annual Professional member subscription. Continuing Professional membership of Resolution Institute is necessary to retain Resolution Institute Mediation accreditation.

To view assessment days and register for assessment for accreditation.

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Australian mediators may also apply for Resolution Institute Mediation Accreditation.

Retaining Resolution Institute Mediation Accreditation

To retain Resolution Institute Mediation Accreditation, mediators every three years must have:

  • mediated at least 75 hours; or
  • attended workshops, courses or e-lectures relating to mediation of at least 25 hours; or
  • attended workshops, courses or e-lectures relating to mediation for at least 12.5 hours and taught that process for at least 12.5 hours.

To keep a record of your CPD you can:

If you are a New Zealand accredited FDR Provider see here for renewal requirements>>