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Assessment of mediator competency

We assess mediator competency to meet the standards for:

NMAS (National Mediation Accreditation System) - most commonly used in Australia.
to read more about requirements for NMAS Accreditation click here>>

Resolution Institute Mediation Accreditation Scheme - most commonly used in NZ.
to read more about requirements for RI Mediation Accreditation click here>

Register for a mediation assessment in Australia

Register for a mediation assessment in New Zealand

Candidates for assessment (for either scheme) need to have, either:

  • completed a 38 hour Resolution Institute mediation training course
  • applied to Resolution Institute to have their training recognised as having met the requirements of the approval standards of NMAS in Australia or RI Mediation Accreditation scheme in NZ.*

To meet the standards for both NMAS and RI Mediation Accreditation schemes our assessments are:

  • in addition to the 38 hour training course
  • at least 1.5 hours long
  • assessed by someone who is independent of the training team
  • conducted through role play - the candidate in the role of mediator with role players playing the roles of the people in dispute
  • recorded for later assessment by an assessor or assessed "live", as it is being done
  • documented through a written report providing assessment of competency as well as identification of strengths and weaknesses and recommendations for further development.

Our assessment process

Candidates, who have completed suitable training and apply for assessment, are offered a time and date. We send the role play and assessment pro forma about a week before the assessment.
Candidates play the role of mediator in a 1.5-2 hour role play with two volunteer ‘disputing’ participants. In Australia,the role play is generally video recorded for later assessment by an assessor; in New Zealand the assessment is assessed by an assessor at the time that it is being conducted and audio recorded.
Candidates complete a self-assessment of their role play.

An assessor determines whether the candidate ‘has demonstrated competency’ or ‘not yet demonstrated competency’. The assessor will consider the candidates "self- assessment" form and may seek supplementary information from the candidate.

We inform candidates of the outcome – generally within 4-6 weeks.
Candidates who have ‘not yet demonstrated competency’ may apply for a second assessment at a reduced fee, learning from the feedback from the first assessment.
Candidates who have demonstrated competency are eligible to apply for mediation accreditation.