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Did you know the Resolution Institute website receives over 8,000 unique hits per month, who view over 50,000 pages?

Our website has been created using an advanced data management tool, specifically designed for membership associations like ours. This tool, (lovingly referred to as IVT in our office) is provided by Internet Vision Technologies as a cloud based service that our team can access from any computer, anytime.

IVT “drives” our website, database, CPD tracker, search directory, newsletter and email system, billing system, membership records, qualification records, book purchases, event registrations and filing system. We process up to $10,000 of transactions daily, send over 100,000 individual emails a month and manage nearly 15,000 individual records of personal data.

IVT’s tool is extensively customisable to suit our needs and provides advanced efficiency for our internal administration processes. Find out more here >>

Our partnership with IVT has been established over five years. During this time we have worked closely with the IVT team to develop improvements and additions to the system that are now used across over 150 membership bodies in Australia and New Zealand, including multiple currency transactions and e-marketing capabilities.

We recently began a new project in partnership with IVT to redevelop our website, www.resolution.institute. We expect this project to take up to 6 months for full implementation (a very simple website redesign project plan is about 14 weeks).

This is where we will keep you updated about our progress. If you have questions, ideas or suggestions along the way, please email us at communications@resolution.institute.

We know our website is the single most effective tool we have to communicate to our diverse and large audience and we are committed to refreshing the website to reflect the future of our organisation.

As many of you will know, the current website structure is largely a product of the integration of three organisations over the last three years. During this time our organisation has evolved and changed shape and we have outgrown our current structure.

Our redevelopment project will involve a complete skin redesign to reflect our logo and corporate image and incorporate a user centred (UX) design approach to develop a new site map for our information. Our project mantra comes from “design guru” Leonardo da Vinci: 'simplicity is the ultimate sophistication'.

Elements we are working together with IVT to incorporate into the new design include

  • different mini sites for different audiences (users, members, nominations, training, room hire, etc)
  • optimised layout for mobile, tablet and computer viewing
  • online advertising for jobs and classifieds
  • integration of our social media and RSS feeds
  • reducing the number of click required to find information
  • improving our use of images

Concurrently, we are working hard to provide the new member search directory in time for membership renewals. Find out more about this project here>>

If you have questions, ideas or suggestions for this major project, please email us at communications@resolution.institute.