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Board of Directors

Resolution Institute is governed by a Board of Directors, elected biennially by members. Directors are drawn from the membership across Australasia.

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Once elected, each Director is responsible both collectively and individually, to take into account interests of members from throughout Australasia. While the composition of the Board has state and territory connections, in practice, each of the Directors maintains a holistic view of Resolution Institute​

The role of the Board is:

  • to make certain that the Objects of Resolution Institute are achieved in ways which are fitting in contemporary circumstances
  • to provide effective governance to ensure sound financial, management and resource allocation
  • to put in place the strategy which guides operational decision making and implementation.

Directors undertake their duties as volunteers. They do not receive fees for their service as members of the Board. If the Board requests a Director to provide professional services beyond normal Director duties, and is paid a fee for providing these services, this payment would be disclosed in the accounts as required by law.