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Practitioner Awards

About the program

The Practitioner Awards program acknowledges practitioner members recognised by their peers as having contributed significantly to the growth and development of DR.

The organisation believes that significant contributions by practitioners lead to the development of excellence in the practice of DR.

The first Practitioner Awards in this program were awarded across Australasia in 2013, a similar program having been run in New Zealand since 2011.

Current criteria for Awards for significant contribution to DR

Each nominee will be nominated and seconded on the basis of ONE ONLY of the following criteria:

  • For commitment to excellence in practice of DR – demonstration of the ways in which the practitioner shows a commitment to excellence
  • For creative adaptation of DR to meet specific needs – demonstration of the extent to which the practitioner has used DR flexibly and creatively to adapt their approach to meet specific needs
  • For contribution to the professional development of others in DR – demonstration of significant support to others either through organising professional development opportunities or by providing personalised mentoring and/or coaching
  • For development of DR in community or restorative justice – demonstration of the ways in which the practitioner has contributed to the development of community or restorative justice
  • For achievement by an emerging mediator – demonstration by a person who has been an DR practitioner for up to 5 years in developing their practice and/or skills in DR and/or for their contribution in other ways to the growth of DR
  • For promotion of DR in their community or communities – demonstration of the ways in which a practitioner has encouraged the growth of DR in one or more of their communities (geographical, organisation, industry etc)

An awardee will become eligible for nomination again, three years after receiving the Award.


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