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From the CEO

April 2017

Dear colleagues,

I think you might like to hear that Resolution Institute members are keen lifelong learners. Our members are also at ease with e-delivery. The statistics that Resolution Institute collects and monitors show that members soak up information that we supply to their in-boxes.

Resolution Institute regularly surpasses the benchmark rate within the not-for profit sector of 28% opening of written communications (see www.hubspot.com). The opening rate of Pulse, published monthly, hovers at around 40%. The opening rate of the approximate 100 Keeping you informed notices p.a. keeps pace with this as well as our 100 local CPD and networking event notices.

These opening rates demonstrate that the Resolution Institute strategic intent of being an information hub is well aligned with member interests. The question, "Will this information be of value to a significant number of our members?" continues to be a robust criterion for our publishing decisions. It aligns with our mission of "Leading excellence in resolution", as we ensure that our members have access to information about trends, professional learning opportunities, DR news, precedents, research findings and thought leadership. Within Pulse, Legal Updates regularly feature within the top three of opened items. Our sincere thanks to Clayton Utz for their ongoing commitment to providing us with these high quality case notes.

As well, the opening rates of e-communications, provided us with the impetus to publish the Resolution Institute peer reviewed journal, The arbitrator and mediator, in 2016 using the online e-zine publishing tool, issuu. The email announcing its publication had a 47% opening rate. On issuu, the journal has had 360 reads, with 82% of readers accessing it from a desktop, 10% from a smartphone and 8% from a tablet. Available for download and for printing, the journal delivered and accessed in e-format, helps to guarantee its viability and its appeal to the digital natives who are the dispute resolution professionals of the future.

Over the past 12 months, visitors to our website have increased by 14% from 58,906 p.a. to 67,371 p.a. More than half a million pageviews were accessed over the past year with the most read including the mediation training and assessment information pages (with a combined viewership of almost 30,000), CPD tracker and the membership categories information. The directory received more than 8,000 page views. Events, standard DR clauses for use in contracts and the PI/PL Insurance pages were viewed more than 4,000 times. To provide the online resources that our members and increasingly consumers need, we are refreshing the website with streamlined information architecture, increased user-centred navigation, improved visual appeal, greater directory accessibility and responsive design to suit tablet and smartphone access.

In the past 15 months, we have witnessed increases from 50+ to 250+ followers on Facebook, 375 to 575 on LinkedIn and 300 to 360 on Twitter (March 2017). To get a sense of perspective, Resolution Institute followers compare favorably with, for example, the Dispute Resolution Branch, Department of Justice and Attorney-General, Queensland Government and Mediators Beyond Borders International which have respectively, 258 and 410 LinkedIn followers.

Typically Resolution Institute posts twice daily on each of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter providing up to date industry developments, resources, events and news. Our Facebook reaches around 100 users per day with top posts recently including an ABC News story about new farm business debt mediation laws in Queensland and a podcast by US DR practitioner Tammy Lenski about the risks of sweeping conflict under the rug.

Our LinkedIn posts reached an average of 2,600 users per month. The most popular posts over the past three months included an RI mediation training workshop in Wellington, NZ, the call by the NSW Attorney-General to resolve legal disputes away from court and an Infographic on What is mediation? What are the prerequisites that determine a successful mediation?

Our tweets in March attracted over 9,000 impressions and more than 200 profile visits. Since the beginning of the year, the ABC news story on the Queensland farm business debt mediation was a top tweet as were a Cinergy conflict master questions blog post on “necessary conflict” and an RI Fellow, Ian Bailey AM SC being honoured on Australia Day.

Communicating current, topical and interesting information is a hallmark of a go-to leading organisation within an industry. Resolution Institute is committed to taking this role as a professional membership organisation serving the information needs of our members and other industry stakeholders.

Of course, we are alert to the risks of information overload. We know that a small number of our members report this as a problem; and simultaneously, we know that our members, along with the broader community are fast developing skills in scanning communications to identify items of relevance to them.

In our continuous review of our communications strategy, our current focus is on capturing and grouping information for more targeted communications which occur with appropriate frequency. We would love to hear from you, our members, about what you like about our communications and what you would like more of, less of or different. Just drop a line to communications@resolution.institute to let us know your thoughts.

Best wishes,

Fiona Hollier
Chief Executive Officer