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Constitution and by-laws

Our Constitution provides the Board of Directors with a robust template for sound governance. The by-laws, developed by the Board, elaborate on clauses in the Constitution relating to the operation of chapters and other groups and the investigation of members.

Our Objects

The Objects listed in the Constitution capture our organisation's purpose.

The Objects for which Resolution Institute is
established are to promote throughout Australasia and elsewhere:

  1. promote the use of dispute resolution (DR) practised by its Members;
  2. foster the use of DR to prevent, manage and resolve conflict and disputes;
  3. contribute to the growth and development of DR through consultation with government, business, individuals and other organisations;
  4. provide information about DR and about DR practitioners to the public;
  5. develop and support high standards of practice in DR;
  6. provide and encourage the provision of education, training, accreditation and research in DR; and
  7. provide services to support the professional development and practices of DR practitioners.

Resolution Institute Constitution 2015

Resolution Institute Constitution

By-laws for the Establishment of Groups of Members

By-laws for the Discipline of Members